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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


You may still check out all old content here but, we have a new domain with all new content on wordpress! Make sure to check it out and spread the word! www.urbanemg.com ! Thank you for the continuous support!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Urbane Premiere -MATERIALISTIC-

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The DeHart twins are back with a documentary about their lives as well as aspects of streetwear and building their brand Lucid FC all by the age of 18. Check it out below!

MATERIALISTIC from Tyler Mitchell on Vimeo.
Short documentary, MATERIALISTIC, tells the story of twins Betts and Chet DeHart who set out to make their mark on the streetwear world by creating their own brand and by doing it all before the age of 18.

Directed by Tyler Mitchell
Produced by Joseph Salwen and Tyler Mitchell
Director of Photography and Editor: Tyler Mitchell
Original Music by Cameron Capers

Special Thanks to:
The DeHart Family
The Good Company


© 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Urbane Update -Korey Paige x Rico Ca$h 'T.E.H.Ö'-

The wait is finally over for Aloof Music Groups Korey Paige and ATL based MC Rico Ca$h's 'To Each His Own EP' you can expect hits you've already heard such as Korey's 'U.O.E.N.O' freestyle as well as a earlier collab with Rico Ca$h entitled 'Sarah' in addition to four other incredible and unique hits. Make sure to download the mixtape here as well as stay tuned for what Korey & Rico have coming next!

check out KP's 'New Year'

check out Rico Ca$h's 'Watch Me'

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Nessly-

"Art doesn't come from copying the next man. It derives from being abstract and novel with your ideas. It's all in presentation."
Atlanta, GA
 Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Stone Mountain/Lithonia,GA rap artist Nessly has been writing raps since the age of 11. Always having a ear for music in addition to writing at a young age, he recorded his first single in the summer of 2007. When describing Nessly's musical style the words creative, abstract, and crafty come to mind.  With tracks like Give It Up, In My Shoes, Lean On Me, and my personal favorite Tommy Lee Jones," Nessly showcase his creative skills with the lyrics as well as the visuals for his music videos. "I make music you can play in a Cadillac, then music you can play in a LamborghiniI make songs where they have an old school vibe with new school lyrics or I make very intricate classical music based hiphop (strings, heavy bass, the way the chords are played) where I present a whole different side to Nessly."

'Tommy Lee Jones'
When asked about his biggest inspirations, Nessly states that he makes music for himself, due to his taste and what he thinks sounds good. He also states that he listens to Kanye West more than other artist in the industry, this can be seen through both of their genius creativity and the aspects they both come from. "I like a lot of independent artists better.. You can even tell the HUGE difference in between an artists music before they become mainstream/"industry". A lot of independent artists have creative control and aren't under a  label they have to take instructions from. In today's world many indie artists are multi talented and are forced to learn new crafts (such as production) that many industry artists cannot do since they are provided producers and songwriters."
Nessly has made quite a buzz for himself over the past year or so with his mixtapes Modern Art & Modern Art 2, but that's only two of many. His latest mixtape "January" is now available on live mixtapes as well as his official video for "Out To Get You." We an expect to see much more from Nessly in this new year.
'Out To Get You'

Connect With Nessly

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Monday, December 16, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -TRAP MMXIII-

TRAP MMXIII Founder Marvin Goodly
On my first encounter of meeting Marvin, I automatically received him as a hard worker, well rounded, determined, and of course fashionable. With something that started as a campaign slogan for the Howard Univeristy freshman board of the College of Arts & Sciences, Mr. Goodly saw an opportunity to spread a message and capitalize off of a brilliant idea. Thus, TRAP MMXIII was born.
With the assistance of friends Nile Oates, Justin Austin and Jacari Boboye, TRAP MMXIII has made a lot of noise in little time. The brand is based out of Washington, DC and makes a bold statement with their logo. Goodly states "We stand behind a lifestyle; an idea that we are the creators of our own success and happiness." 

 Currently the collection consists of the classic TRAP box logo tee as well as the TRAP box logo wind breaker. Being inspired by the American culture ranging from music,art, and photography to modern day fashion, the creators have many more creative ideas on the way and  continue to hold a core principal of promoting individualism and the pursuit of knowledge, Goodly says that no matter if it's through school or pursuing your passion, it is seen as something that is inalienable. With hopes to continue to make clothes that document a journey, the TRAP MMXIII sees this as an artistic & personal journey. As well as having hopes that TRAP can serve as something people can relate to and be inspired by, Goodly wants it to be seen more as just streetwear apparel. You can expect a lookbook soon including a black and white line that is being finalized as well as a Polaroid fashion movement.

'Our mission continues to be to promote the idea of living outside of the box. We want our consumers to re-evaluate reality and question what they are being told in relation to success and individualism. We hope to change the dialogue, ask the stupid questions others aren’t willing to ask. We’re on our own journey for answers, and this line documents that process. Our story isn’t the only one we’re trying to tell' - M. Goodly

Connect with Marvin & the TRAP MMXIII Team

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Monday, December 9, 2013

Urbane Update; Lucid FC

The DeHart twins have been a tad bit busy but, they are back at it with the 2013 Lucid FC Winter Collection,  with a strong inspiration of hard work, make sure to check out the video look-book NOW! Items will be available for purchase December 14th at noon. Follow @LucidFC on twitter for more details"

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Urbane Spotlight -Sole Food Clothing-

Sole Food Clothing Owner; Brandon Huggins 
Based out of St. Matthews, SC, Sole Food Clothing has a creative style of designs that are all inspired by and in honor of owner Brandon Huggins best friend, Caleb Greene (DJ Soulfood). Also being inspired by the youth who really admire and support Brandon for what he is going after, Brandon states that he wants the line to stick out more as a lifestyle than a brand. With the slogan 'Peace, Love, Sole' Huggins also stems the SFC brand name from his love for kicks.  Not only producing clothing, SFC dabbles in music sponsorship throughout the state of South Carolina. "I feel as though music and fashion go hand in hand, so outside of my line I would like to start a music sponsorship for South Carolina,  we don't have a strong music scene and I would like to be able to bring attention to that."  
Sole Food Clothing recently had the chance to partner with sneaker boutique Sneaker FF, located in downtown Charleston where SFC designs are now available for purchase in addition to ordering via email and PayPal.

 Make sure to look out for the Solefood Music project as well as the winter look book and new designs in early 2014!!

Connect With Brandon & SFC

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Friday, November 22, 2013

Urbane Tips: Holiday Gift Ideas For Him by @Bonobos

Ladies, holiday season is approaching and contrary to what men believe, shopping for your him is harder than expected. Are you in the process of looking up gift ideas for your him that other hims won't have as well? Well, here is The Tiny Queen and Bonobos to the rescue!
Bonobos is an apparel company headquartered in New York City, that also offers a shopping experience online, selected Nordstroms, and their own Guideshops. It makes online shopping for men easy, and gift shopping for women even easier with not customer service reps, but ninjas at your service.

They have recently launched their Man-tastic Holiday Gift Guide making shopping for your man that much easier. The guide includes color coordinated suggestions from clothing, accessories such as pocket squares and ties, a dart board, a tool box, skis, a flask, and even a trip to space! Check out a few of my favorite man-tastic gift ideas, you know if I had a him.

 This sound activated MoMa Cube Clock will definitely give your lucky guy a masculine feel to his man cave. Just snap your fingers or tap it to showcase the LED screen that includes the time, date, and temperature. Something nice to remind him to be on time for date night.

 I like a renaissance man. Who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. If you have one of those, don't let his tools gather dust in the garage or some tasteless box under the sink. A man has pride in his tools, and so do we when the sink is busted or the air conditioning needs fixing.

 Don't let your man carry his whiskey in any old cup or flask! IZOLA's engraved flasks allow your man to whip out his bourbon in inappropriate places like a gnentleman.

There's plenty to chose from for any kind of man. And if you're still unsure of what to get him, they also offer gift cards. Fellas, are you just as stumped on what to get your girl for the holidays? Well, good luck!

Connect with Bonobos
Twitter: @bonobos
IG: @bonobos

Keeping A Close Eye|UMG, The Tiny Queen

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Bethany Rae-

Bethany Rae
Balancing her education as well as chasing her dreams, Spartanburg,SC native Bethany Rae states that prioritizing is a main key in her everyday life. Having been singing all her life and being into performing on campus in various talent shows and events, she decided to take a different route to get to her musical career.

Between the cities of Orangeburg, SC and Miami, FL she puts her main focus on her education and her business ventures before her music. Having lost a little bit of love for music during her junior year in college, Bethany states that she of course always had a passion but began to think more about her future but when coming back across the right resources she was right back with the music. Being signed to Boss-Playa Ent, an independent label, I asked Bethany her thoughts on the music industry. She states "You get more freedom, I'm a hands on type of person, I'll tell the producer my vision... I won't just let everybody say whatever. I think it's a lot better."

Talking to Bethany about her musical inspirations, she states that she has no one individual, but artists that give a kick to her 'makeup' and who she is as an artists. Throwing out a few names like Whitney Houston and Beyonce, Bethany also went into detail about her love and inspiration from legendary rap group Wu-Tang, being an avid chess player, she just states, "There's a lot of thought to it."
When coming across other mainstream artists and producers while in Miami, Bethany has had the opportunity to be apart of some amazing studio sessions as well as build business relationships with some amazing people. She says that she looks at it never as being a fan crowding a celeb, it's more of looking up to them.

Be on the lookout for Bethany's first single along with the official video! 

Connect with Bethany
Boss Playa Ent

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Inspiration: Learning How to Take The L's

It's often we come upon opportunities, wants, and desires that we feel that we are owed. If we work hard enough, if we rack up enough good karma, give enough, then what we want or work towards will automatically be owed to us. The journey to what we want most out of life is far from straight and narrow, but is filled with jagged rocks, dead ends, detours, and speed bumps that could be our friends, families, financial trouble, and our own inner battles. This door above is symbolic to ones that may open, and ones that you might not have a key to. I'd like to share a story I rarely tell on how one door was cracked open and then slammed in my face, while one that was the most unexpected welcomed me in.

So, it is my second semester of my junior year of college. I decide that I want to do something amazing for senior year, I want it to be an unforgettable, hard, challenging, life altering year. So I decide for my fall semester of senior year I'd like to do a student exchange program.

What I usually do not include in my paperwork, unless absolutely necessary, is the fact that I am legally blind and have a history of seizures. However, this exchange opportunity was more than just leaving South Carolina for a semester. It was about me separating myself from everything I know, my friends, my twin sister, a small college, and throwing myself into a metropolitan city, a more diverse population and challenging myself. I saw it as preparing myself to be independent after graduation, therefore I included my disabilities in my personal statement and the fact that I saw this as a chance to learn and grow as an individual.

So, a few weeks later my friend and I are called down by our dean after class and we find out that we were all accepted into the program. We began planning what classes we would take, researching what on campus activities and organizations we'd be apart of, and city adventures to get into. I'd found campus activities that piqued my interest, and was nearly done with my schedule when my dean told me I needed to immediately report to her office.

Much to my dismay, my acceptance had been rescinded. However the 'why' had never fully been explained. The excuse that was given to me was that the rejecting university felt as though I "would not be able to learn anything from them". I've heard words like that before.. So in the nicest of words I was rejected because I am disabled, and they did not want to take on that responsibility.

My pride took a blow to say the least. I had already told my family and friends that I was going, and now I would have to tell everyone that I'd be right back here next year. However, this is where diligence, and your rapport with the people that surround you work in your favor. Throughout my matriculation, I withheld a great relationship with the faculty in my department and my dean let me know that I could chose to go anywhere and she would help me get there.

So this door above? It lead to my apartment in Rome, Italy where I spent the Fall 2012 semester of my senior year. I think back on where I had hoped to go, where I planned to go, but where I ended up was much more fruitful. So at times we don't get exactly what we want, when we want it. However, when we do receive a variation of what we need at the right time, it will be better than we could have ever hoped to imagine. I have never looked at a "no" or a rejection the same because I am sure that when I hear a yes I know it will be better than what I'd initially could've hoped for.

So what is a loss? What is a rejection? What is a no? Nothing. It's nothing compared to what is in store for us in the long run. Here are a few photos of my semester abroad where my adventures include London for a day, Florence for two weeks, Pisa for a day, Tuscany for wine tasting and dinner, Venice for a weekend, Naples, Pompeii, and Capri for a day, and where I lived in Rome for 3 months only a short walk from the Vatican. I made lifelong friends across the country I still speak to, and even got a tattoo in Rome. "Piccola Coraggiosa" or "Little Brave One".

& here's a link to my photo album on facebook: & She Headed to Rome. Rome is Her Home
You can also check me out on Instagram: TheTinyQueen & look at my photo map tab for more pictures

I hope this was insightful or helpful to someone in anyway. So if you know anyone going through a tough time, share this. If you have a story, video, photo you'd like me to share for Sunday Inspiration hit me up on twitter TheTinyQueen. Remember Sunday Inspiration isn't just for Sunday's, it's for whenever you need the inspiration. So come back whenever you need. Have a great week!

Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, The Tiny Queen

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