Monday, July 22, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -FMBK Clothing- Forever My Brothers Keeper

"Movements die, but ways of life last forever"
Forever My Brothers Keeper 
FMBK Clothing was founded by two inner city Tacoma, Washington athletes Brandon Jimenez and fellow friend Julian Cruell
Brandon Jimenez
Julian Cruell
Growing up in the inner city you may face a difference of obstacles, distractions, and problems that most aren't use to. These obstacles are presented to make you or break you. With Brandon's strong effort to overcome these obstacles, he teamed up with his close friend Julian and a few other childhood friends with similar backgrounds to take matters in their own hands. To show everyone that moments of life are not short lived and you can overcome anything that you put your mind to. From the day FMBK was formed, it was something they held on to and lived by.  There are currently four team members, Founders Brandon & Julian, as well as fellow friends and athletes Michael Daniels & Jasmine Tate. FMBK is set aside from most clothing lines due to the fact that they are really like a family and they represent something that everyone can relate to, whether it being you are in the military, sports team, fraternity or just a known loyal friend.  Each member of FMBK is a example of what FMBK stands for because they will forever be their brothers keeper.

FMBK member Michael Daniels & Brandon Jimenez
Brandon sets forth that they are inspired by making a difference and helping others. "The plan is to keep FMBK family oriented.  All of us have a bond and are loyal to each other." The members of FMBK would like to start a foundation to give back to inner city athletes. With them knowing firsthand the different adversities that inner city athletes go through, they want to be able to give back to the community and help out as much as they possibly can. "For example, if a football team in Miami needs uniforms we want to be able to help contribute."  Forever My Brothers Keeper demonstrates striving for the community and giving back, doing whatever it takes and giving initiate to make a change and make their community proud of what they are doing in life. "We want to create a buzz and get people talking, continue to stay relevant in the fashion industry and keep mixing our slogans with our top of the line products."

FMBK Friends & Supporters
Quam, Jonothan, Isaiah, Allen, Julian 
"It's more than just a logo across our chest, but holds a positive message while preserving a way of life that seems to have been lost in today's society."

Brandon confirms that we can expect more from FMBK in the fall sometime between late September and early October which will include crewneck sweaters, hoodies, beanies, and more. Brandon also states that their favorite piece from FMBK clothing is a t-shirt that states, “I eat, we eat…. Down since Day 1”, because we really live by that." (pictured below)  This piece will be offered in the fall line up!
"We want people to know that FMBK isn't just another street clothing line, it's for anybody that can relate; any race, any age."

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