Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Nessly-

"Art doesn't come from copying the next man. It derives from being abstract and novel with your ideas. It's all in presentation."
Atlanta, GA
 Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Stone Mountain/Lithonia,GA rap artist Nessly has been writing raps since the age of 11. Always having a ear for music in addition to writing at a young age, he recorded his first single in the summer of 2007. When describing Nessly's musical style the words creative, abstract, and crafty come to mind.  With tracks like Give It Up, In My Shoes, Lean On Me, and my personal favorite Tommy Lee Jones," Nessly showcase his creative skills with the lyrics as well as the visuals for his music videos. "I make music you can play in a Cadillac, then music you can play in a LamborghiniI make songs where they have an old school vibe with new school lyrics or I make very intricate classical music based hiphop (strings, heavy bass, the way the chords are played) where I present a whole different side to Nessly."

'Tommy Lee Jones'
When asked about his biggest inspirations, Nessly states that he makes music for himself, due to his taste and what he thinks sounds good. He also states that he listens to Kanye West more than other artist in the industry, this can be seen through both of their genius creativity and the aspects they both come from. "I like a lot of independent artists better.. You can even tell the HUGE difference in between an artists music before they become mainstream/"industry". A lot of independent artists have creative control and aren't under a  label they have to take instructions from. In today's world many indie artists are multi talented and are forced to learn new crafts (such as production) that many industry artists cannot do since they are provided producers and songwriters."
Nessly has made quite a buzz for himself over the past year or so with his mixtapes Modern Art & Modern Art 2, but that's only two of many. His latest mixtape "January" is now available on live mixtapes as well as his official video for "Out To Get You." We an expect to see much more from Nessly in this new year.
'Out To Get You'

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Keeping A Close Eye |UMG, Halle' W


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