Monday, December 9, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -Sole Food Clothing-

Sole Food Clothing Owner; Brandon Huggins 
Based out of St. Matthews, SC, Sole Food Clothing has a creative style of designs that are all inspired by and in honor of owner Brandon Huggins best friend, Caleb Greene (DJ Soulfood). Also being inspired by the youth who really admire and support Brandon for what he is going after, Brandon states that he wants the line to stick out more as a lifestyle than a brand. With the slogan 'Peace, Love, Sole' Huggins also stems the SFC brand name from his love for kicks.  Not only producing clothing, SFC dabbles in music sponsorship throughout the state of South Carolina. "I feel as though music and fashion go hand in hand, so outside of my line I would like to start a music sponsorship for South Carolina,  we don't have a strong music scene and I would like to be able to bring attention to that."  
Sole Food Clothing recently had the chance to partner with sneaker boutique Sneaker FF, located in downtown Charleston where SFC designs are now available for purchase in addition to ordering via email and PayPal.

 Make sure to look out for the Solefood Music project as well as the winter look book and new designs in early 2014!!

Connect With Brandon & SFC

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