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Sunday Inspiration: Kaitlyn Dobrow

We often complain about the most minuscule irrelevancies, overlooking how blessed and privileged we truly are. #FirstWorldProbs.  Humanity has been so desensitized that we disregard how favored we are to have the most basic necessities. Small puddles and ditches become obstacles and storms because you and I have become either lazy or careless in how we carry ourselves, carry our priorities, and carry the expectations that our inner circles have placed on us.
I'm not sure if you have heard of this story or not, but it epitomizes life unscrewing the training wheels off your bike before you're ready without telling you, & pushing off for the ride of your life regardless. 
Kaitlyn Dobrow was an 18 year old aspiring MMA fighter who was vibrant, respectful, and a hard worker. After leaving work at a hotel one night in February she then went to the gym.  However the next morning, she awoke to searing red marks that covered her body and excruciating pain that kept her from even leaving her bed. By the end of that day Kaitlyn was diagnosed with meningococcal disease, a severe form of Bacterial Meningitis. According to WebMD, this disease is defined as "A rare but serious infection. It causes the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed...Bacteria and viruses are the two main causes of meningitis. The bacterium Neisseria meningitidis, also called meningococcus, causes meningococcal meningitis. In children and teens, meningococcus is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis."
Kaitlyn and John Stamos

Between February and July 2013 Kaitlyn undertook 22 surgeries to repair the 50% damaged skin by skin grafts, and four amputations to both arms and legs. This summer she spent her 19th birthday in the ICU of UCI Medical Center, Irvine in CA and went to rehab at Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center in August.

Kaitlyn has not once made her family or those around her feel the slightest bit of pity or say "you poor girl". Since her rehabilitation she has learned how to feed herself apply her own makeup, as well as on her friends, and lives her life fruitfully and without sorrow. Without harboring bitterness. Without wallowing in her undeserving misfortune. Kaitlyn has consistently surpassed every obstacle this situation has led her to.

I received a heartfelt email from Barbi Winters, a family friend of Kaitlyn Dobrow and throughout her email she implored upon me how Kaitlyn, despite her surgeries and rehabilitation, she was outgoing, determined, and above all else...positive. Kaitlyn exudes a joyous spirit who still possesses vigor, and a lust for life.
So, look at yourself. I am by far not an innocent when it comes to griping about insignificant trip ups in life. What are you going through right now? What have you bitched about today, where instead you could have found a resolution, a silver lining, a smile. Throughout everything this young lady has been through this tumultuous year, her smile has remained vibrant, her laughter has not faded away, her unwavering loyalty to the happiness she is owed has not faltered.

No matter how many times you are stabbed in the back, how many people you have to cut out of your life, how many times you have been told no or rejected, the losses you have faced...the quality in which you live your life is your responsibility and yours alone. If you or I, were not able to live without, there would not be virtually homeless individuals giving away their life's possessions and quizzically tranquil and full of peace. There would not be brave and valiant souls like Kaitlyn who has been dealt the cards she has been given and can still look at others, her family, and herself with confidence, passion, strength. So what is our excuse?

If you would like to know read the full story on Kaitlyn as told by her devoted mother Kathi Dobrow visit Care for Kaitlyn Dobrow. To keep up with Kaityn's progress or donate visit Kaitlyn Dobrow Updates. You can also read about the fundraiser held to assist in Kaitlyn's growing medical and living expenses with one attendee John Stamos playing the guitar HERE.
If you feel like I've lectured you or bitched you out & you're saying "She can tell me about my life," so what if I did? But if you're still feeling sorry for yourself for whatever reason, bookmark this. If it even lifts you up, then you go ahead and bookmark it too. 

It is important to find and grasp on for dear life the one or any reasons we can find to smile. Because we all live lives that are worth living, where at least one person goes to sleep at night wishing you peace and joy. Kaitlyn you are a beautiful soul and I wish you well in all things. You too people!
I hope everyone has a great week. If you're having a bad day, you remember how I said to bookmark this? Sunday Inspiration isn't just for Sunday's, it's for whenever you need it. *wink*

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