Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keep An Eye Out: The Modern Day Coleman's Web-series

Robert Brown IV and India Hill

Do you have or ever met a couple among a group of mutual friends, who have been together for a significant amount of time? They are so cute, you think to yourself "How do they not get on each other's nerves?" "How do they do it?" "How do they put up with the groupies and the haters?" "I wonder how many fights they've been in over each other." Well, for me, that is India and Rob. The YouTube channel  ModernDayColemans derives from the respective organizations they both represent. Rob is a centennial member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc(1911) and India is also a centennial member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc(1913). Between their organizations, Omega founder Frank Coleman and Delta founder Edna Brown Coleman share a romantic history as well. India and Rob have always been a couple that publicizes their happiness, and keeps their problems private. I'd see them and say to myself "Damn, they are still together. I'm happy for them". Because being in a relationship can be difficult, especially in college. So they have finally decided to share the wealth of their wisdom on how to maintain a healthy, happy, and spicy relationship. Which I will take notes of, because you's cuffing season. *wink*

ModernDayColemans: "We don't know it all but we would like to share what we DO know." ModernDayColemans is a YouTube channel started by India Hill and Robert Brown IV. India and Rob have been dating for four years, and while they have experienced ups and downs in their relationship they are committed to each other and would like to share some of their experiences to help others. The channel will consist of popular topics that young couples deal with, Insight from India and Rob's experience thus far, giving advice to viewers, and vlogging to show how India and Rob interact in their relationship.

Ep. 2|How To Date Someone With Status

Ep.3|Vlog: "Homie Don't Play That!"

Rob promises that for the young men that, like him, get suckered into watching YouTube videos with their significant other, there will be content for you! As an individual who personally knows this young couple, they are fun, they are faithful, and I believe they have good advice to give on any couple looking for it. 
India Hill is also the owner of The REDDlipstick Blog, which recently relaunched, so check that out as well!

Connect with The Colemans

Keeping A Close Eye| UMG, The Tiny Queen


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