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Halle' Williamson, Founder

Birthplace: Florence, SC
Current Location: Orangeburg, SC/ Atlanta, GA
Education: Claflin University, Senior
Mass Communications major, Public Relations concentration

One day I was just surfing the web looking at my daily blog roll, and I just started to think about how many times I created blogs and ended up deleting them because I got bored with it. I started thinking of how I tend to do a lot of promotion and nagging on twitter about this person and that item. You know, just trying to keep people up to date with everything, but mainly along the lines of music and fashion. I also started to notice how many unsigned artists there are and who are into design and just get overlooked when they should be seen and put into the limelight. I decided I wanted to do something and help these people out as much as I could to get some sort of attention and add on to whatever fan base they may have or be working on. Long story short, I just want Urbane M&MG to be seen as a group of people who want to help out and get people to the point that they should be. To be there extending an arm that has a helping hand that's there to say, "Whatever you need me to help you with, I can do it". Today's urban society shines bright, but a lot of peoples initiatives are overlooked because there's such a heavy focus on mainstream. Sometimes you have to dig deeper than that.

Keeping a close eye,

H. Williamson


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