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Latrice Stevenson, Co-Founder

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
Current Location: Columbus, OH
Education: BA in Mass Communications and minor in English from Claflin University

I have always had a love for social interaction and connecting people with new things. At times people feel superior when they find something new and say to themselves, "I found this out before everyone else. I'm cooler than them," but I never thought that way. I feel it is imperative to share new and creative things with everyone. Especially those rare artists, clothing lines, and endeavors that really have a message. I love when people say, "This is so unique. Thank you for sharing and exposing it to me". That is what Urbane Marketing and Management is about. Exposing people to the independent artists, small businesses, and people that come just under the radar and don't want fame but just appreciation for their craft.

Keeping a close eye,

L. Stevenson


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