Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Bethany Rae-

Bethany Rae
Balancing her education as well as chasing her dreams, Spartanburg,SC native Bethany Rae states that prioritizing is a main key in her everyday life. Having been singing all her life and being into performing on campus in various talent shows and events, she decided to take a different route to get to her musical career.

Between the cities of Orangeburg, SC and Miami, FL she puts her main focus on her education and her business ventures before her music. Having lost a little bit of love for music during her junior year in college, Bethany states that she of course always had a passion but began to think more about her future but when coming back across the right resources she was right back with the music. Being signed to Boss-Playa Ent, an independent label, I asked Bethany her thoughts on the music industry. She states "You get more freedom, I'm a hands on type of person, I'll tell the producer my vision... I won't just let everybody say whatever. I think it's a lot better."

Talking to Bethany about her musical inspirations, she states that she has no one individual, but artists that give a kick to her 'makeup' and who she is as an artists. Throwing out a few names like Whitney Houston and Beyonce, Bethany also went into detail about her love and inspiration from legendary rap group Wu-Tang, being an avid chess player, she just states, "There's a lot of thought to it."
When coming across other mainstream artists and producers while in Miami, Bethany has had the opportunity to be apart of some amazing studio sessions as well as build business relationships with some amazing people. She says that she looks at it never as being a fan crowding a celeb, it's more of looking up to them.

Be on the lookout for Bethany's first single along with the official video! 

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