Friday, June 14, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -Lucid FC-

Lucid Footwear & Clothing Brand

Founders; Betts & Chet DeHart

I came across the DeHart twins and their brand Lucid FC via Twitter and their modeling advertisements for a fellow clothing line Piece Gods. With a style slogan of "Wear what you like," the DeHart brothers  formely known as The Sole Brothers, have taken their love for sneakers and used their reputation to make Lucid FC into a emerging brand.

Based out of Atlanta, GA with hopes to make the city a hot spot Betts DeHart and his twin brother Chet DeHart have high hopes to make their brand Lucid FC international. The brand is classified as a street wear brand with an urban and underground feel somewhat similar to A Bathing Ape but, by all means they have no plans to charge you $100 a shirt. 

The slogan "Wear what you like" can be defined as cliche but, we can all agree that nothing defines your style more than how you wear it and how it makes you feel. Lucid FC was penned from the change of "The Sole Brothers"  which was the name of the twins YouTube page where they regularly do sneaker reviews of pick ups they get a bargain prices. Lucid is set aside with brands like Stussy and Supreme, which are fellow street brands sticking to their persona. When asked about short term term goals, Chet & Betts stated, "We just want to be on Complex and Hypebeast. That's a dream of ours. We would be so happy if we make it on those sites. And of course also to have 6-8 collections a year. 4 major collections and 2-4 minor collections.  And just to have lucid 'on it's feet'." 

With inspiration from BAPE designer Nigo, Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi), Shawn Stussy, Pharrell Williams, and, Frank Sinatra Jr, the DeHart brothers want to continue to push Lucid FC as a street wear brand and not just follow random trends, as well as to stay urban and underground. With the next line up of Lucid releasing at the latter point of June 2013, we can look out for all over print shorts which is Betts favorite piece and a rain poncho that will be releasing in late July for the second line up of the summer, they are definitely on their job and making plenty of plans for Lucid to continue working its way up. You can check out the look book which will be accessible next week for the June release on the official LucidFC website. 

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