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Urbane Cares- Catch Up With Bryant Kirk White & A.Bevy Productions, Inc.

A.Bevy Productions, Inc.

Founder: Bryant Kirk White

Outside music and fashion we believe in highlighting philanthropic and inspiring endeavors that truly contribute something great to the world A.Bevy Productions, Inc is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 by Bryant Kirk White a graduate of the University of South Carolina. The last time we spoke, Bryant was anticipating the 2012-2013 year and what it would bring for A.Bevy. Now we get to follow up with Bryant and see all of the good he and A.Bevy have done this past year, and see what's to come.

Within the past year A.Bevy has hosted or sponsored over a dozen events. Each event has geared to reach the youth or collegiate audience. The MOVell Film Festival is a minority based filmed festival where participants center their 7-10 minute film around a minority topic or issue. The A.Bevy Youth Syndicate is an annual banquet where youth and their families may come free of charge and learns more about what A.Bevy is. Hoop Dreams is A.Bevy's annual basketball tournament and enjoy themselves "in an environment where goals can be reached as easily as basketball can go into a rim". Both Hoop Dreams and the Youth Syndicate are held in Bryant's hometown of Laurens, South Carolina. The biggest event is The Impress Yourself Scholarship Mixer. College students from across the state come together to celebrate art, ambition, and scholarship. 
A.Bevy Founder(left) A.Bevy President(right)
Impress Yourself 2013 A.Bevy Endowment Recipient Aaron Henderson

Initially, looking at A.Bevy and his expectations, Bryant viewed A.Bevy with an open mind. Even though he did now know yet how to get there, he knew what he wanted for it. The impact and influence of A.Bevy was to first be through its events. However, as its presence and influence has grown statewide through many branches including media and support, expectations are higher.
The outreach of A.Bevy has been the most significant amount of growth within this past year. Its influence has reach across South Carolina and even into Georgia with schools who are interested in having their own collegiate sector after the massive success of the original sector at the University of South Carolina. 
A.Bevy has successfully completed its first year as an official student organization at the University of South Carolina. It has impacted its students in a way so that they are encouraged and are aware that "...if you have an idea, a good idea, a positive idea no mater what society or anyone else says, it is possible to make a dream come true".
A.Bevy has been thus far been approached by 3 universities looking to incorporate A.Bevy into their campus. A.Bevy is looking forward to branching out and growing beyond the USC sector.
In this upcoming year we can look forward to seeing more annual events become bigger and better. They are also in the process of becoming a nationally recognized non-profit organization by acquiring their 501(c)3 certification.
#fifty4A.Bevy Campaign Video Link(click picture)

Bryant Kirk White

Bryant is a December 2012 graduate of University of South Carolina. Now, he is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. He is pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts for Sound - TV and Film Post Production. Since leaving USC and moving on to SCAD he is on a journey to continue building and bettering himself as a man by living life "with a drive to experience new things ever day and have the same goals of building upon my faith and relationship with God.."
Contrary to the vision Bryant had for A.Bevy last year, he now knows that the organization can take hold of new audiences through more than events. The first issue of Anabasis Magazine was released this spring, and coming up will be The Aesthetic Avenue. 
A.Bevy Upward Bound 2013 African American Read In(click photo)

For Bryant, the Impress Yourself Scholarship Mixer has to be his favorite event for all that it embodies. Everything that A.Bevy is, isn't, and has the capacity to become. Young adults have the opportunity to build a new environment to celebrate and admire art, intelligence, and culture and award a scholarship to a deserving individual who embodies and represents all that A.Bevy is. The Impress Yourself Scholarship Mixer mirrors A.Bevy's efforts and potential. Bryant believes that it can even reach and go beyond an Impress Yourself 2020, and I hope to be in attendance.
Bryant is very confident in the hands he has left A.Bevy in while he progresses and grows in Savannah. Established in Laurens, SC and at USC is a Board of Trustees that Bryant fully trusts and believes can continue the work of A.Bevy. Despite him not being there, he has two groups who are knowledgeable of the goals, the mission, and the ambitions of A.Bevy and possibly more importantly they know Bryant. With that being said, though he is not present at every meeting his influence is still there. 
Megan Pinckney, Miss South Carolina USA 2013

Bryant's passion and drive for A.Bevy has become closely intertwined with his day to day life. It has resonated within him in a way that when he betters himself or progresses in life, that is fuel to lift up and help others, and in return reflected in A.Bevy. It has manifested an infinite sense of happiness that motivates him every morning to get up and become greater. 

Finally, I asked Bryant where he hopes to see A.Bevy go...
As of now I hope to see A.Bevy become a standard barer for motivation, purpose, and outreach.  I know that A.Bevy has come a long way, but I also know that we have an even longer way to go.  Just as I wanted and believed in the beginning - A.Bevy will be a leader in events and media.  A.Bevy will be the "thing" that helps to eliminate the saturation and brings what matters to the forefront.  It will be the reason why people see a light that they've never seen before while also showing a different shade and side of the lights that they frequent daily. A.Bevy will be controversial. A.Bevy will be truthful. A.Bevy will represent the people. A.Bevy will show that opinions are opinions, and facts are opinions.  A.Bevy will continue to be based on faith in God, work for the greater good, and make the words change, progression, and growth parts of speech that will make everyone smile.  As of right now I hope to see A.Bevy grow - simple as that, but more importantly - I hope to see A.Bevy grow under the hands of God.
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