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Urbane Spotlight -A.Bevy Productions, Inc.

Anabasis, the mythical war story written by Greek writer Xenophon. The story of Anabasis conveys the ideal of how it takes time and a journey, trial and error, in order to find oneself. Bevy, migratory birds that are often sought out for game. Even if you are a minority in your situation, be resourceful, expand your mind, continue to seek out new horizons and discoveries.
Laurens, SC native, and student at University of South Carolina is moving Onward & Upward. A.Bevy Productions, a non-profit organization has been recently acknowledged as a new official student run organization of USC. As a man of Alpha and founder of this organization, aiding in planning charity events,school functions, and more there is no doubt he has a love for all mankind. 

Bryant Kirk White
Marketing & Management, Double. Public Relations, Minor.
Date of establishment:
September 2009

How did the concept of A.Bevy come about?
Through my grandfather's death and a study abroad trip to a cold Sweden town, I realized that the world is more about what you give and leave rather than what you have.
Initial concept and expectation for A.Bevy Productions? 
The initial concept of A.Bevy.Productions, Inc. stemmed from myself being an event planner, DJ, party promoter, and seeing everyone creating their own "brand names".  Majority of the names around 2009 revolved around "swag" or being "fly".  I believed that in the grand eye of the business world 'Fly Life Party Boyz' wouldn't get too far, therefore leading to the often called complex yet uber meaningful name of my event planning corporation - A.Bevy (a full breakdown of which can be found at  I then removed the idea of djing from the organization because I see myself as much more than that.  Our initial expectations then revolved around that of a non-profit in which giving scholarships and hosting events as fundraisers were our main priorities.
How has your matriculation at the University of South Carolina influenced the idea of A. Bevy & does your schooling assist in A. Bevy in any way?  
Me being a student at the University of South Carolina helped with outreach for the organization. Initially all events were targeting my hometown, Laurens, SC, but once I gained an ear and support around campus and the Columbia community I was able to give back within our state's capital also.
Would you like for A.Bevy to go beyond college or stay a collegiate organization and expand to different campuses?
A.Bevy at USC is just a leg of A.Bevy.Productions, Inc.  The basis of the USC leg is to maintain 2 annual events within Columbia - The MOVell Film Festival and the The Impress.Your.Self Scholarship Mixer. Other than that, collegiate expansion is unlimited and I am open to any and all opportunities to do so.
You are a non-profit organization, but also a productions team. Elaborate on how you have infused the two.  
The aesthetics concerning how people's emotions can be tapped into in order to excite learning, gain attention, or provoke thought has always been an amazing factor to me.  As an event planner I tend to think deeper than most; constructing events that have a higher purpose within their experience.  A.Bevy.Productions, Inc. vows to produce events, programs, and fundraisers with purpose. Anything that our name is placed on will be something that a person can take and learn something deeper about themselves from.  All proceeds from events, programs, and fundraisers then go toward our scholarship and event fund; creating a cycle of monetary growth that in turn are given as scholarships to deserving high school and college students.
You are also a DJ, as a productions team that will be beneficial in hosting events. What came first; becoming a DJ, founding A.Bevy, or have they always coincided? 
I began djing in 2006 in assistance to my love for music and the aforementioned way that things such as music can have an effect on people. I believe that there is music even in silence and that is the most influential thing in existence.  However, my djing has nothing to do with A.Bevy, but as seen in our logo we use the asset of music in some form or fashion in any and all of our events.
Where do you see A.Bevy going? 
Short Term -
Continuing to grow and expand in support throughout various areas while establishing ourselves as a legitimate non-profit organization.
Long Term - 
Being a catalyst to the addition of meaning, purpose, passion, and reason to actions worldwide.  By helping others lean toward their true purpose in life, whether through education, music artists, television/film productions, public speakers, literature, the numerous forms of art, etc. Metaphorically A.Bevy will be the "channel" that people turn to during those times when they feel like BET is just showing reruns to fill time.
Overall - 
We will continue to live by our mission: To provide a means for progressive focus and to incite an exponential increase in growth for one's self, community, and world through progressive events and fundraisers.
What do you anticipate most about your first official meeting? 
 Being a December 2012 graduate of the University of South Carolina and looking to continue my education out of state. I am looking for my first official meeting with my board in Laurens, SC and meeting with interested students across campus to be one of hope and stability. I have many plans and ideas, however my concern of most importance revolves around establishing a stable base in my home state where A.Bevy will be able to continue to grow. I anticipate realizing that there are others out there that agree with me and my mindset on giving back, and that along with the immense amount of faith that I have in God, will lead A.Bevy in nothing but a forthright direction
Any events the students of USC and surrounding areas should be looking out for? 
We have a numerous amount of things coming up so the best thing I can say is continue to check out, follow @ABevyMinds via Twitter, "Like" A.Bevy.Productions on Facebook, and stay tuned!

A.Bevy Productions mantra: 
"When you're there - movement static, a quiescent mind and torpid heart - what do you have... other than what you left?" 



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Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Latrice S.


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