Monday, June 17, 2013

-Music Mondays- Who Will Come Out On Top?

With the first day of summer approaching soon, we always anticipate the albums that will be released during the summer months. Tomorrow, June 18th is the date of two of the most anticipated albums of the year and we are all waiting to see who will weigh in as number one on the first day of sales.

"Yeezus" Kanye West

Having been leaked a few days just before the actual release as well as a few days before the birth of his first child, the sixth studio album by rapper, producer, director, and designer Kanye West, the album has been highly anticipated to be a very critical one from Mr. West. With production from Rick Ruben, Daft Punk, No ID, and Kanye himself just to name a few, it's expected not to sound like anything he's ever done before. With "New Slaves" being the first song heard and performed on live television, many didn't know what direction Kanye was headed for, many just put it plain and simple as a "dark" album, but they also said the same thing about his previous albums. Featuring samples from Nina Simone, Holy Name of Mary Choral Family, Brenda Lee, and G.O.O.D music's very own Pusha T, Kanye definitely put work in with the production of controversial album. With 10 songs on track and a run time of about 40 minutes, you can expect a house/industrial hip-hop feel or as like Kanye put it, "trap, drill, and house" all combined into one.
UMG Staff Thoughts on Yeezus;
Halle'; Yeezus is definetly another showcase of Kanye's creativity and amazing production styles with sampling and his way of making us feel closer to our "dark" side. Nonetheless, it's definitely going to sell, the lyrics are relate-able. I love his way of putting a song together even though this album may not have much of a story to tell, he's still trying to get us to envision something.You never really know what to say about Kanye but simply, it's Kanye. Blood On The Leaves, Bound 2, and Guilt Trip are probably my top three songs so far. 
Trice ; I like this new Yeezus, it's not commercial, but I'm sure he'll market it in anyway he can. I'm excited to see the visuals he will use, if he does. I feel like the album was more radical. Airing out all thoughts since MDTF. Even though it's not the same lyricism we are used to, no story telling, and random thoughts. It's still bold and speaks on what a lot of us think. I think people don't like the new Kanye cause they still want more of the old Kanye & that's just not going to happen. If anything, Bound 2 slightly reminds me of the old Kanye.

"Born Sinner" J. Cole

Also having been leaked ahead of it's due date and available for live streaming via Cole's website, the second studio album from this DreamVillan has been highly anticipated by the die hard J. Cole fans, being teased by mini mixtapes Truly Yours and Truly Yours 2, and also being pushed back from it's original January 2013 release date. Many underestimate J. Cole's ability to make a album sell as well as being a artist in whole, his fans have pushed out his mixtapes and singles to let others know that he is really what he's hyped up to be. Being signed by the best rapper alive himself Jay-Z many question why he's "not coming hard enough." With samples from Biggie, OutKast, Hubert Laws, and Ronnie Foster, Born Sinner gives us somewhat of a classic old school, calm & collected feel as well as a bit of story telling, Cole also speaks on how he "Let Nas Down." 16 songs on track and about a 59 minute run time, we sit back and allow these samples and surprising features that this Carolina native is using to let his thoughts flow freely.

Also releasing this week June 18th;
File:Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off Cover.jpg
"Watching Movies With The Sound Off" Mac Miller , "Extended Play" Statik Selektah

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Keeping A Close Eye, UMG Staff


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