Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep An Eye Open: Sophisticated Genius

Sophisticated Genius

According to creators Roland Reaves and Brandon Norman they saw "a need for a unique product in a copy and paste world"
The clothing line Sophisticated Genius is both a youthful yet poised urban brand that incorporated vivid colors, prints, and various styles. The brand is vesatile to be appropriate from the classroom, to night life. 

The reoccurring  and signature symbol for Sophisticated Genius is Cham the Zebra. The origin of the signature zebra stems from Cham from Chameleon, which represents the versatility of their brand and the Zebra because black and white have always been precise clean cut colors that exude sophistication. 

"The wearers of this brand master distinction of Sophistication in any setting whether relaxed, casual, or professional."

Connect with Sophisticated Genius

@picturemeroland(Roland Reaves)
@CheddaChasaB(Brandon Norman)

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