Monday, September 9, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open: Rove


I came across today's first music feature through a fellow alum of Claflin University, entertainer and host, Jay Dukes. As a strong family we support our own so I listened to her music. Her song Solo reminds me of the ballads and melodies that once dominated the music industry in the late 90's and early 2000's. Rové, is leaving her mark on the R&B/Soul music scene as a fresh, exciting, and up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Originally from rural Lake City, South Carolina, Rové now lives and performs in Boston, MA. Heavily influenced by her Southern roots, Rové has a soulful, yet eclectic style that captivates audiences time and time again. She blends funk, soul, and R&B to create her unique and explosive sound. Her Self-Entitled EP will be released Late Fall 2013.
“I want listeners to feel every note, every rhythm and visual. Music can evoke so many different emotions and I want to touch on each one with my music. I want to inspire and captivate my audience,” says Rové. 
She has recently released her latest single I've Found Love. You can listen to that and her track Solo after the jump.

Connect with Rové

Instagram: RoveIsMusic

Keeping A Close Eye| UMG, Trice S.


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