Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Inspiration: Encouragement

 Sometimes you need a little encouragement. You're own self-assurance may be wavering. You're wondering what you could be doing wrong, what you could be doing right. Or if you've been making any of the right decisions. Well we understand that, we know the feeling. Here are a few people who you may not have thought understand and relate as well. If this brightens your day, share it with someone who may need some uplift as well, and we hope you have a great productive week!

A young lady, six years old to be exact gives a surprisingly passionate and precise monologue on getting up and doing something important. Being encouraged and being a visionary.

In 2011 Denzel Washington gave the commencement address to Penn State University. The gist of the speech is "I found that nothing in life is worth while unless you take risks". He poses the questions that on your deathbed would you believe that you had lived a fulfilling life, not a wealthy or famous life, but fulfilling. Or would you be haunted by regrets, dreams never pursued, ideas never brought to fruition. He is transparent and admits to his many rejections, failures, and lowest moments. "Do not be afraid to fail". To skip through inside jokes and small talk about PSU jump to 7:00.

Keeping A Close Eye | UMG Staff


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