Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -K'la-

I came across K'la via her first mixtape,  "The Coldest Winter Ever" which a few close friends already recommended I listen to. When I heard "All Your Love" for the first time I was a bit amazed how K'la was able to tell a story by singing and rapping all in one accordance. The rap verse had me hooked for weeks. As a definite K'la fan I get a very down to earth and calm feel from her, the musical talent she has completely amazes me. She states"I think it takes both for me to effectively tell my story. I need to sing the emotion of the situation, but I need to be able to get straight to the point, as well as get my point across in the rap verse." 
This Gary, IN native once affiliated with Island Def Jam and has been dabbling in music from a young age. "Around the age of 9, I wrote my first rap verse in the third grade for a award ceremony." When you are such a versatile artist like K'la and have a lot of creativity to showcase, this is a level where many will begin to abuse the right of calling themselves a artist just based off talent but, that is not the case with this artist, her music speaks for her as well as itself.

All Your Love; K'la
"I love writing poetry, literature, etc. I'm a bit of fashion freak as well. I'm known for being a "nature child"… using all organic products and produce." K'la can be seen as a very ambitious and genuine songstress/lyricist, you can always expect to hear a story in her songs and be able to feel as if you were in the same room listening to her talk about it. Her down to earth spirit is another contribution to her versatility, you never get a negative vibe or fear backlash from her mood,"I'm definitely a tree-hugger, lol." --  Listening to songs like "The Prediction" it's the type of the song that makes you think and helps you get in touch with your intellectual side, I asked K'la about her take on growing up as a African American female; "Besides growing up as a young African American male, I think its one of the hardest ways to grow up. There so much confusion on what "normal" and "beautiful" is. Almost as much confusion as there is on what "love" and a "good man" is…
But I believe anything difficult, makes you stronger."
Blame; K'la ft Nas
Speaking on the industry, K'la is signed but may be seen as a independent artist by many but, her potential and talent is definitely not going unnoticed, she has worked with one of Hip Hop's pioneers, Mr. Nasir Jones himself. "The support of the industry is always nice to have, but I believe in artistry before all else. If a choice has to be made between the two…. One should never compromise themselves for the support of others." K'la says that she is inspired by her daughters and artist such as Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Tupac, and Kanye West. Also being influenced by Maya Angelou & Rob Hill Sr, this is where we can see where her poetic side comes from as well as the spoken word feel from her music. 
K'la says that she is anticipating the upcoming Andre 3000 album as well as her new single "Back In The Day" and her first album "Once Upon A Dream" which is currently in the works. Make sure to check out her latest tape,  Everyday People.

Real Sh** ; K'la

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