Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keep An Eye Out: Lena Waithe, of Dear White People premieres "Twenties"

Lena Waithe

If you've been wondering when the next wave of articulate, relative, and even comical African American film and television was coming, I've got news for you. If you were wondering where this generation's premiere broadcasting was coming from, again, I've got news for you. Have you been thinking to yourself,
Where is our Spike Lee? Our A Different World? Our Girlfriends?" Do I have to say it? I. Have. News. For. You. 
Lena Waithe, everything you've been looking for in black entertainment television, because clearly we can't rely on BET, is on the way. And I guarantee you will find Lena Waithe's name attached to it. Lena Waithe is apart of the amazing Dear White People project that IN PROCESS OF FILMING! However, she has her own new project entitled Twenties which has premeired to raving reviews. She was kind enough to spare some time and answer a few questions for me.

"You made it clear Twenties is not a web-series. What would you categorize it as?"
It's something called a "Pilot Presentation" which writers often use as a pitching tool writers use to try and sell their shows. It's also a good way for us to give people an idea of how we want the show to look and feel. Usually I would just send the "presentation" around to network executives and start circulating it internally, but with the success of the "Dear White People" concept trailer I figured why not take it to the streets. Especially since there's this weird misconception that something like this already exists or that there's no audience for it. I really wanted to give the people a chance to speak up for themselves. We've asked do you want to see this show on TV? And the response has been an overwhelming YES! 

"I recognized a character from Dear White People in Twenties was that just a coincidence or will they correlate in anyway?"
That's Courney Sauls. And it was just a coincidence. Justin and I think she's a very talented actress. 

"What statement do you want to make to young black queens with Twenties?"
I don't think there's a particular statement I'm trying to make. I just want to show black girls in their twenties that aren't only influenced by black culture and that march to the beat of their own drum. That's a statement in itself I think. 

"Finally, for the many people who have been supporting Dear White People for so long, what do you want to say to them?"
That we're making the movie right now. We're currently in Minnesota and we start filming on the 19th. So stay tuned because this movie is going to change the game for real. 

I appreciate Lena for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer those few questions. Now I implore you all to check out all videos posted above. This is what you've been asking for, well it is finally go watch!

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