Monday, July 29, 2013

Urbane Sports: Efe Odigie & Nike's #SummerIsSerious

Efe Odigie

Brooklyn born and raised, where legends are bred. Fellow Claflinite, 6'8 Efe Odigie is participating in Nike Basketball's #SummerIsSerious summer league draft contest where you can be drafted by NBA stars James Harden or Kevin Durant. As a distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, the opportunity was brought to him by his brother Andrew Suggs. Suggs and Odigie previously played side by side on the court at Claflin University before Suggs graduated and Odigie went on to play professionally overseas. 

Odigie fell in love with basketball in 2003,"when I saw Carmelo take Syracuse to the NCAA finals and win it all". He considers himself to have strong athleticism, length, and IQ. On the court he is a powerful forward. 
Although basketball is his first love, he has a passion for soccer. He believes it is a beautiful game. 

Usually in sports you only go to games to see certain players in action. That actually make moves in the game. In college, Efe was one of those players. So when I noticed his social media campaign, I wholeheartedly wanted to help. What Efe did not expect, was many others whom he did not know nor met to feel the same way. Initially, all he asked us to do was make noise through social media, have Nike notice that we know he deserves a spot on the draft board. We did that. Second, was the social media dunk contest which required supporters' participation. In which he bested the competition that time as well,
"I was humbled and shocked. After a couple hours and I realized the support came from people I'd never seen or knew the name of, I had a chill go through my body."

Efe appreciates all of the support he has received and the consideration and opportunity from Nike thus far. To Nike, Efe says 
 "I'm a relentless worker. I take pride in playing defense. It gets me going knowing that I can stop someone from doing what they usually would do against another opponent."
And thus far, Efe's talent and drive has been hard to ignore.
The competition isn't over yet. The draft begins August 13th, and the ultimate pickup game is August 16th in New York City.

MAJOR congratulations to Efe The Distance Odige for being drafted to Nike's #SummerIsSerious summer league game onto James Hardens team. Efe says, 

"Honestly, at the beginning of the competition, I was full of zeal and confidence. As time passed, I started to worry about if I had eough material sent to Nike and if it was good enough. When I saw the tweet today on my way back to MD from NY, I thought to myself 'I can't watch this'. Hours go by and I decide to check Nikebasketball's TL and watch the video and I was selected. I literally just bust out my Azonto and called it a day haha". 

Check out the official draft video featuring commissioner George 'ICE' Gervin after the jump. Congratulations Efe! We know you'll go The Distance!
Nike Basketball #SUMMERISSERIOUS Official Draft Video

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