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Urbane Follow Up- Eny Oh & Beholder EL

Eny Oh of Beholder EL

I had the opportunity to once again catch up with Eny Oh(previous article) creator of Beholder EL a full-service image consulting, fashion, beauty, and event planning firm. I have seen the amazing grown of Eny and her endeavors since the beginning of 2012. As one of our first features for the blog, we wanted to catch up with her and see what amazing things she has been up to.

When I spoke with Eny last August she was getting ready for the Miss District of Columbia USA 2013 program book photo shoot. In September she had the opportunity to attend several Fashion Week events as well as network with designers. Through October to December, Eny was preparing for the 2013 Miss District of Columbia USA pageant which took place in December. 
The New Years was brought in while on the job in Canada, but nonetheless, she celebrated the beginning of what was to be a prosperous year in Canada. In February she once again found herself at Fashion Week meeting and networking with designers, which happened to lead to many of her jobs and new clientele for this year. Eny emphasizes the importance of networking, "Networking increases your networth".

Throughout March and April Eny collaborated with talented photographers from New York and DC. A highlight for Eny was styling Beyonce's backup dancers for the May/June issue of Dance Spirit Magazine before they left for the Mrs Carter World Tour. Eny describes it as "an awesome, awesome, awesome experience. I was on a high forever. Eny also worked with Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michelle for an appearance at Greenhouse Nightclub in New York.

She has recently returned from working with a client in Egypt. A seasoned traveler, commuting for the job is not new to Eny. Egypt however was an entirely new and unique experience,“It was the most amazing trip I’ve taken in a long time. On top of it being amazing it was educational”. Eny expresses that her heart is wrapped around the pageant world. Her client in Egypt was a former pageant girl, Brooke Bibo Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2010.

I came across an interesting article and fact about Eny Oh. She is also a proud product of a Historically Black University or College(HBCU). She is a graduate of Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina. Eny graduated with a degree in Political Science with intentions on becoming a lawyer. However, in her heart she "always and forever" had a deep love for fashion, hair, and makeup. In 2011, Eny travelled to Los Angeles for the All Star Weekend. There, she met Tameka Raymond and her perspective on everything changed. Eny had reached a critical point in her life, "“Do I want to become a lawyer or do I want to start my own business, and I chose to start my own business”. She made the decision to start her own business, and it is still the best decision she could have ever made. 

Finally I asked Eny's opinion on the self-perception of woman at HBCU's versus PWI's and her advice to the many aspiring to become successful in the same profession.

Do you think there is sometimes a difference in how young women perceive themselves at an HBCU vs. a PWI?
I would have to say yes. I think so because even though I went to an HBCU, I was raised in a predominantly white neighborhood. I went to predominantly white schools. How African American girls were perceived in my high school were really different than how they were seen and perceived at Bennett. It was completely different. When I got there, there were so many different things I had to adjust to that, you know, I wasn't used to. But it was an amazing experience and I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. I learned a lot. As long as I’m learning, I’m happy, it doesn't matter what it is.
What is your piece of advice to young women aspiring to be successful in your career field?
My first piece of advice is to pray. And literally have to talk to the Lord every single day about which way he should direct and guide you in. That’s exactly how I got here, because I didn’t know what I was doing. When I started my business, I also applied for the State Department. I turned the job down to continue with my business because that’s the route the Lord guided me in. I was praying and praying asking for signs as well as strength and courage to push forward with Beholder EL So I definitely say number one is to pray. Number two, do all of the research that you can about whatever field or industry that you want to get into. And you should find someone who is in that industry, not necessarily find them and meet them, but follow their career path from the beginning to where they are now. Those would be the top 3 pieces that I would give

Eny is branching out from the fashion and pageant world and now has clientele within the music industry as well. We'll keep up with her to see who it is within the next few months. 
She also said that the Beholder EL Boutique will be back up and running soon, shes currently in the process of rebranding the entire store with her team.
She is preparing for the Miss District of Columbia USA 2014 which is October 13-14th at the Renaissance Hotel in DC.
She currently has three clients that will be in this years Miss USA Pageant. Miss South Carolina USA Megan Pinckney, who was one of her first pageant girls when she initially started her company. Miss North Carolina USA Ashley Mills, and Miss District of Columbia USA Jessica Frith. The pageant airs on NBC Sunday June 16, 2013 at 9pm EST.
I spoke to her about a few pageant girls I know, and she is always open to consulting and speaking to new pageant girls and giving advice. If you are or know a pageant girl tell her to contact Eny at

Connect with Eny
Twitter/Instagram: @BeholderEL

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