Monday, August 6, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Dapper Culture-

When you can have a brand that puts everything into one it can be put into its own category, correct? That's exactly what Dapper Culture is. With her love and drive for what she does, owner Brittany Salley is working towards making her brand into one that can be seen worldwide. 

Dapper Culture is set on being a lifestyle brand of everything urban and independent fashion. Bri states that she wants to inspire young women from small towns because growing up that was her scenario. She wants to show them there is more in the world to see than their small town, you just have to venture out and find it. Before it was Dapper Culture, there were plans of a foundation which would work with young girls from these small towns but, these plans were not thrown away, they are still in mind.

Currently the Dapper Shop is based on accessories but could possibly be expanding into other areas of fashion.  The Dapper style comes from Bri's inspiration from movies & documentaries from the 50's. She says "I have become really intrigued by old paintings too, Lol I have officially become a 70 year old in a 21 year olds body."

Currently, Bri is doing a bit of construction on the Dapper Culture blog.  She recently launched a new Tumblr page which she has a good bit of plans for. Also, she has plans of offering more than just her products, acting as a fashion buyer & working with producers and designers. In addition to the shop, clothing, and lifestyle, Dapper Culture offers marketing services.

"Passion, creativity, and quality will always be required with any Dapper Culture venture."

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