Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#HBCUMixtape Artist Profile -Eddron Scott-

Eddron Scott

You hear a lot of people mentioning about rappers...but where are the singers? Well, this 21-year-old R&B singer from Clinton, Louisiana, Songbird, says he wants to change that. He has a voice that is a mixture between Boyz II Men to Usher to Omarion. He wants to use his voice to show the world that any dream can become a reality if you give it your all. He doesn't label his voice as a talent, but a God-given gift. He's been singing since the age of six and has been writing songs since age 14. Songbird is currently a senior at Southern University and is striving to be heard before he graduates in 2013. In everything and anything he does, he always says, "Keep God first, and everything else will fall in place." ("Yea Yea!!!" His trademark)
Songbird - Cruisin'

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Instagram: itssongbirdbaby 


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