Monday, August 13, 2012

#HBCUMixtape Artist Profile -Marveloso-


Hailing from the state of Maryland, Marveloso, real name Raun Merritt, is the latest addition to the ranks of talented hip-hop artists. 
For as long as he's been able to speak, Marveloso has had an incredible way with words. As a child, he would spend much of his free time reading books and writing fictional stories, hoping to one day to publish his own. He's also been a huge fan of music, picking up the saxophone, guitar, and piano along the way. As he got older, his love for music grew exponentially, starting off as a producer making beats for his friends. In high school, Marveloso would spend much time listening in on lunch room cyphers and basement recording sessions marveling over the talent of such young students. But soon enough, he would find his own writing transforming to rhymes over those beats he once produced for others.
Blessed with a gift of introspection and the ability to transform those thoughts and life experiences into words, Marveloso is one artist you can relate to. He has released a good amount of songs on his youtube channel and is also planning on releasing a mixtape titled "The Concept of Kings". Currently a senior Computer Engineering major attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Marveloso is set to leave his imprint in the world and giving all those who listen a taste of true Aggie Pride. 


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