Monday, August 13, 2012

#HBCUMixtape Artist Profile -Sip Spitta-

Sip Spitta

Isaac Thompson aka Sip Spitta s a a 21 year old rapper born and raised in Richmond, VA. He is currently working on 3 projects and grinding nonstop to get his music out. Performing at many clubs, parties, schools, colleges mostly Old Dominion University where he attended. He is determined to keep pushing to make music stay relevant. Raised as the middle child of 5 siblings in a Muslim household, he had a natural instinct to stand out, and not be afraid to show his differences. Being a musician and a poet at a young age, playing the keys and snare drum, rapping is all about beats, melody and flow to him. Sip is not just a rapper, an emcee, or a poet, but an innovator; He is an artist of many forms. He has the old school influential knowledge of Common and Talib Kweli, mixed with the new school swag and brovado of artists such as Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. His way of changing flows with every new beat keeps you satisfied, and also allows him to be very adaptable. He raps about what people want to hear, but is also educated enough to know what needs to be heard as well. His music does not disappoint.
Sip Spitta Live Ft. Live Band at Kingdom RVA(Richmond, VA)

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