Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Ka$h Akbar-

Ka$h Akbar - Thoughts from a Bench

Ka$h Akbar, native of Kenner LA, and moved to Laplace when hewas like 11. His stage name (Ka$h Akbar)Ka$h came from the understanding of how people valued money and seeing the extremes they did for it. Akbar stands for the great, which came from the Mogul emperor of India who conquered most of india because of religious tolerance. He has a mixtape dropping late september or early October entitled Gifted which is his first official project with all of my own production produced by Jam-All Production. A phrase that he live by would have to be "wealth is of the heart and the mind not the pocket".
Check out his official video for Thoughts from a Bench, a smooth in depth song that talks to all independent artists with the bars "I ain't talkin' about no handouts, I serve my own meals/Don't let these people fool you, you can eat without a deal". He includes visuals from the iconic Micheal Jordan to emphasize his meaning. You can also see him in a previous post featuring Sol

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Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Trice S.


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