Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Gentlemen's Table-

The Gentlemen's Table

Envision entering a downtown Atlanta men's boutique, as you enter the smooth melodies of jazz surround you. You are greeted by three gentlemen dapper in appearance and manner, LaDavion Smith, Sage Guillory, & Justin McIntyre. Displayed around you is men's fashion and clothing of the highest quality. However, this is merely the excellence of their website. This is The Gentlemen's Table, why don't you have a seat?

In 2011 Smith, Guillory, & McIntyre began a fashion blog and clothing line that embodied their own daily inspirations, style, and outlook on fashion. The name The Gentlemen's Table essentially comes from their own distinguished manner, and their desire to encourage every man world wide to be a gentleman. 
 Their style slogan is, "A gentlemen is one that lets his style and personality reflect his character". 
They are currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia and students of University of West Georgia. Once again proving that you do not have to wait for your degree to reach entrepreneurial success.
The men that sit at the head of The Gentlemen's Table believe in more than just the image, they believe in the lifestyle. Being a gentleman relies on action just as it relies on appearance. With their style blog & clothing line they hope to enhance the mindset & lifestyle of men everywhere. 
The founders aim to distinguish themselves as a rarity, a brand that is one of a kind. They hope to establish themselves throughout the United States for their suave style and impeccable perspective on how a man should carry himself.
Their mission is longevity and progress to a corporate level and an international brand. 
Their overall desire is simple; to have their names and their endeavors mark a place and time in history. To have their accomplishments one day be highlighted in a history book by an adolescent aspiring to reach their excellence.
As they themselves, their style, and their brand develops they intend to keep the core principles of the quality, detail, and personality of the brand in mind. It is imperative to them to keep in mind the lifestyle of the brand so that it remains authentic.
The Gentlemen's Table believes that now is the time for our generation to define fashion by our own means, and in later years it will be this generation's fashion being recycled and praised. 
They have recently relaunched their website, I encourage you all to experience it. As far as upcoming releases, I also encourage you to stay tuned. 
As the sole creators and designers of their line, the ability to point out a single garment as a favorite would be a lie for these gentlemen. They take pride in every piece of every collection.
In order for you to sit at The Gentlemen's Table you must "Have the ability to step out from the uniformed mediocrity & up the proverbial ladder towards style and superiority". 
If you feel as though you have the qualities required to sit with these gentlemen, visit The Gentlemen's Table
Below is video footage from their Winter Collection fashion show.

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Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Latrice S.


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