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Urbane Spotlight -FOS Lifestyle-

Figure of Speech Lifestyle Co

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Calvin Cleveland, one of the six creators of Figure of Speech Lifestyle Co clothing. The brilliant minds behind it also include Tee Cleveland, Ahmed Toure, Joe Foulks, Jay Ballard, and Adrian Kendrick. The infant brand has acquired a strong following of Dreamers and Dream-Hers within its first year. Figure of Speech was establish September of 2011 and is continuing to encourage others to pursue the dream and respect the journey.

As a clothing line, one would wonder how it attempts to convey itself as a figure of speech as fashion and clothing are silent expressions of self. Crafting articulate and motivational designs for each article from the line, Figure of Speech sees its consumers as billboards promoting themselves, their beliefs, their dreams. The clothing itself has inspirational quotations and graphics that encourage tenacity, prosperity, and self-respect. 
Figure of Speech is built on positive outreach. Believing strongly in philanthropy, the brilliant men behind the clothing aspire to be role models and inspirations to students. In an over-saturated market where the clothing has no real meaning and revolves around vanity, it is refreshing. The foundation of Figure of Speech is essentially to fill the void and become a beacon of courage, self-worth, love, and intellect, and allowing those that wear their clothing to be radiate their triumphs and encourage others as well.

Even though they have accumulated a loyal and supportive following that continues to grow in such a short time, Figure of Speech has no intention of slowing down. It is imperative to them to continue to progress and grow as individuals so that their line will continue to grow as well. They have no intention of becoming complacent with the success they have earned so far. Using the clothing the line, they want to provide encouragement, and convey to others that if it is something that you truly believe in and will remain steadfast to the journey, entrepreneurship is a step worth taking.
Like all clothing lines, the brand hopes to expand and reach Dreamers and Dream-Hers nationwide and at some point internationally. However, they also want to build relationships with bloggers, schools, and organizations. Figure of Speech wants to be the middle man in connecting others' endeavors and dreams, "One dream can go off of another dream," and see other people collaborating and prospering under Figure of Speech initiatives.

No matter how far Figure of Speech reaches, they want to continue to use their clothing as messages of hope, prosperity, and supporting dreams. Figure of Speech creators see the brand as something bigger than just clothing, and bigger than themselves. Giving someone a support system through a piece of clothing that they can carry with them, supporting a dream or an idea covers so many aspects. Now they hope to create different messages that identify with every dreamer and achiever.

To keep their supporters on edge and anxious for new projects and releases, Figure of Speech uses subliminal messaging and previews. On Sunday June 10, 2012 they will be releasing their Greek Elements line. For those who know me, know that my twin sister Lawnna, a Sigma woman of the Theta Chapter, will be one of the first to get the Rho Element. In maintaining anticipation for upcoming releases, Figure of Speech has decided to leave Urbane with a cliff hanger. However, I encourage you all to follow their progress, because your thoughts and dreams are their first priority.

I finally asked Calvin his favorite piece of the entire line. This is my favorite question to ask because of course this line was their brain child and there will be several pieces that have a special meaning. As a Kappa man he was partial to the new Greek Element that is due to be released, but overall The Elements line in general. It is something completely new and never done before, unique and creative, and the success of the line should be applauded.

No matter where you are going in life, or what you are trying to achieve remember to pursue the dream  and respect the journey.

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