Friday, June 8, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -LuChi Royale-

LuChi Royale Clothing LLC.

In Urbane's endeavors to support new and upcoming talent we make sure we take care of home first. As residents of South Carolina, we want to support each other and see everyone conquer and prosper. Urbane recently sat down with owner and founder of LuChi Royale Clothing,Charleston South Carolina native, Justin Wages.

Justin Wages founded LuChi Royale in October of 2010. Even though Justin manifested this idea he has a loyal contributing team that continues to aid and support him. Having a unique name, the origin of the clothing line's name is an even more intriguing story. The idea for the name has been dubbed either a blessing or unbelievable by every one he tells this story to, "I've always had the idea of starting a clothing line just didn't know how to get it started but biggest of all, what to name it. Truth be told the inspiration to name my company LuChi Royale came through a dream I had".
LuChi Royale's style slogan is "The Genesis of Royalty". In hopes to become advocates for restoring a 'king' and 'queen' mindset in the black community"We want to be the example. The blueprint. The Maiden Voyage. The genesis of new kings. We want to be leaders and produce leaders throughout our communities and eventually beyond". 
For short term aspirations, Wages is hoping to have a well known statewide clothing line, and able to sell them in stores. Long term, he sees LuChi Royale as a product being sold nationwide in department stores and eventually it become an international venture. Overall, the dream is to make LuChi Royale a long lasting product with a timeless message. They are familiar with sacrifice and the hard work necessary to bring this vision into fruition.
Even though LuChi Royale has been circulating for a while, they have not yet gotten to bask in an official launch party. Wages cleverly planned to build a marketable brand and awareness, then throw a Launch/Customer Appreciation Party, and that is finally happening later this year.They will also be releasing some of their summer line this month. What sets LuChi Royale apart from many clothing lines is that they have not built their buzz and reputation off of parties and fashion shoes, but community service. They will be hosting a back to school party at the end of the summer, and their second annual Thanksgiving food drive. Last year's was held in collaboration with Addicted to Fresh Clothing and its owner Travis Washington. 
No matter where LuChi Royale  takes Justin Wages and his team, the core principles and ideas of upholding themselves and their peers as Kings and Queens will remain.
His favorite piece from the clothing line is Rise of Kings.

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Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Latrice S.


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