Monday, June 11, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Nicole Ayilola-

When building a brand and a name for yourself, you have all types of obstacles that may be thrown at you. Founder of Nik Gold Designs, Nicole Ayilola has not been one to let these obstacles stop her. In my beginning year at Claflin University she was a prime example of showing me once you start your brand, you don't stop there, you use all the talents that you have, and combine them into one to make something great

Ayilola states "A little bit of glam and chic makes a look pure gold," following the fashionosophy of showing one, that they make the clothes, the clothes don't make you with a few of her Nik Gold Designs added you can make a statement anywhere. Originating from "living life like its golden" and the combinations of Nicole's nickname, the NGD brand is made up of symbolic & crafty jewlery/clothing that gives you just that extra umph that you need. 

With hopes of also becoming a fashion stylist tv host and taking her designing,journalism, & modeling skills and put them to work! Lately, Nicole has definitely been dabbling in a little bit of everything. Not only designing but also doing a little freelance writing in the Atlanta area for BE Magazine . She has also been featured in Leviate Magazine and was nominated for as their model of the year. Using her journalism skills in other places, she is also the editor in chief of her own blog The Blog In Fairyland which has quite the following. 

Nik Gold Designs will soon be launching the official website on July 4th. With not only the website launch but, a exciting fashion show with fellow stylist Marquis Guthrie and plenty of photoshoots on the calendar, Nicole is definitely on her grind! This is what we love to see here at UMG! 

Pictured below is one of Nicole's favorite pieces that she just designed.

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