Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Director's Seat -Ryan Lee-

Duece the Poet - Coach Bag

I initially came across 19 year old New Orleans native, Ryan Lee when he was a featured lyricist in a previous post of ours for SOL in a video called Fool Me by New Renaissance. He's wanted to be a filmmaker since he was little with aspirations of making children's cartoons and movies. Ryan Lee attended NOCC(New Orleans Center for Creative Arts) for media arts where he learned film and audio. His journey to music began in the 10th grade after mixing bounce music for local bounce artists and editing dance videos. Hip-hop music ended up turning into a full aspiration. He then joined the local hip-hop/rock/pop collection "Raw Revolution" where he plays the role of emcee, producer, and video director/editor. Since then he has put out 3 mixtapes. Ryan Lee is currently working on his debut album "A Little More Better" which is set to drop before the end of the summer. Above is the video Ryan Lee directed for Deuce the Poet entitled Coach Bag.

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Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Latrice S.


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