Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Urbane Spotlight - SavageTroupe

Savage Troupe

So we at Urbane are always looking for what is unique and new. I came across this clothing line through a little bored social media stalking of my Istagram followers. Who says twatching & stalking will only have you in your feelings? Savage Troupe was created by Micheal Sinclair Irby around "Octo-vemberish" 2012.

The origin of Savage Troupe is an interesting conception story. It was clear that Micheal was a creative individual with an eccentric mind when he told me how he was inspired with the idea for his clothing line and its name. Savage Troupe was initially inspired by the wrestler Randy Savage. Micheal identified with Savage's individuality, since then the word "savage" resonated in him. The part I like best in Savage Troupe's conception is its reference to Pocahontas. Yes, the Pocahontas. Micheal recalls the Indians living and dwelling in a lifestyle misunderstood by the British settlers, as he carried himself and lives in a way that  is also misunderstood. Savage Troupe represents those, like him, that often get "the side-eye" because they are misunderstood. 

Savage Troupe  is based out of South Carolina.The ideas for his first designs for Savage Troupe came from playing around and exploring on Adobe Illustrator. However, the tortoise design came to him in a dream. The main logo for the line is a tortoise, and on its shell is a sun.  Its style slogan is to Fear Average. Live Savage". 

The purpose behind the Troupe is learning how knowing and loving yourself should come first. Micheal describes our era "...where taking care of, loving, and believing in oneself is frowned upon and viewed as selfish". Selflessness and being selfish are one in the same. When it comes to being able to love and get to know others, the first person to know and to love is yourself. 

Right now, Micheal is simply happy that people are interested to become a part of the Troupe. He is a believer in being adventurous, and given the opportunity, trying everything at least once. I was generously given the "Heroine" shirt pictured above, and I can say that thus far it's an endeavor worth the try.
Overall, Micheal is patient. It is a long term goal to one day see the Savage Troupe as a major brand and household name. The train won't stop! However at the moment, he is appreciative of the support he has and will continue to create, distribute, and make sure the Troupe expands.
As Savage Troupe grows, the goal is to make sure every piece designed and created embodies Fear Average. Live Savage. "Knowing you're dope and flying your flag without caring what who has to say what about it".

When asked about his favorite piece thus far, Micheal admitted he loves them all because each allowed him to be creative differently. His favorite however would be the "Eat the Cat" tee, "Just because it's so simple, yet intriguing. Definitely a head turner. And because I'm nasty"
An interesting story about this design. Micheal's little brother saw his "Eat the Cat" tank and gave a "great look of disdain" followed by "Why would you make a shirt about eating cats? Jerk!" Innocence is a beautiful thing.
Look out for the June release later this month. & a new design every month!

Connect with Micheal & Savage Troupe
Twitter/Instagram: @MichealSinclair
Instagram: @SavageTroupe

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