Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Honey The Hippie-

Upon hearing Honey's single "Psychedelic" off of her debut mixtape Peace Of Mind, I instantly could feel the positive vibes. Today you don't find many femcees who are speaking their mind and not rapping about their assets or embracing the "sex sells" phrase. But, Honey The Hippie is embracing herself and positivity. 

Honey The Hippie, born in Detroit, raised in Central Florida, and currently residing in Houston, TX came about her stage name from the meaning of her birth name Oyinkansola meaning "sweet like honey" in Yoruba. She has had a passion for music for as long as she can remember, wanting to be a singer since kindergarten and receiving her first solo when she was 7 years old. Being in love with the hippie era is where the Hippie in her name is added. Stating that "If I could live in any year, it would be 1969. The music was great, the people were peaceful and the fashion was so flawless. I've always considered myself a modern hippie." With her favorite artist being Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Bob Marley, Honey is inspired by ambitious individual, the grind and hard work of these type of individuals inspires her to keep chasing her dreams. With writing being her passion, but not only music, she dabbles in screen plays and short stories, Honey says that she is the kind of student who enjoys ten-paged college papers. 

When asked about people abusing the right to call themselves and artist in the music industry, Honey stated "The word "artist" has been raped and abused by so many individuals making "music". I don't believe rapping on an instrumental makes you an artist, it makes you a rapper. An artist has a more creative mindset and goes beyond making a song just a catchy song." With Honey having such a mixture of different types of music and a different sound in itself, she deserves the right to call herself an artist. Many have their own views on being a indie artist versus being in the industry, Honey says that she thinks independent is an "amazing thing and truly the epitome of being self-made" , which many would agree with her on. When being self made and independent you can truly express yourself and build yourself from the ground up exactly as Honey is doing. 


Her recent debut mixtape "Peace Of Mind" was inspired by Honey wanting to take her fans and listeners through the journey of her mind and thought patterns. Being known for her YouTube freestyles, this gives everyone a bit more of a deeper introduction to her and her music. Honey is working to book more shows and continuing to push her debut mixtape so look out for her in a city near you as well as more song releases! 

Make sure to download "Peace Of Mind"

"I know my lyrics have the ability to touch a lot more people" - Honey The Hippie

Connect With Honey:

Keeping A Close Eye, UMG Halle' W


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