Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Kris Kasanova

Kris Kasanova

You know those days when you're dying to hear something new? So you decide to ask your Instagram or Twitter followers. That's how I came across Brooklyn bred lyricist Kris Kasanova. Through someone's great taste & good suggestion I downloaded the album =War Paint=. & I was not disappointed. He dropped his newest mixtape 24K in February with heavy hitters like Mosh Pit & Pyro. BK knows how to breed strong lyricists. Check out the video for Mosh Pit & Kris Kasanova after the jump
Kris Kasanova - Kris Kasanova

Kris Kasanova - Mosh Pit

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Keeping A Close Eye | UMG, Trice S.


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