Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -King Mez

King Mez

I was initially introduced to North Carolina rapper King Mezatron through Figure of Speech Lifestyle Co.'s The Journey Vol. 1 featuring several talented NC artists. After hearing "Reign" from his album My Everlasting Zeal I was an immediate fan. The brilliantly produced and written track gives the listener a sense of power. I know on bad days, this track always gave me the boost I needed for the day. He's got a new project coming out soon entitled Long Live the King II including the newly released track Exordium.
Just because it is still my favorite from King Mez check out the video for the self-produced track, Reign after the jump.
King Mez - Reign
"I just know I want that throne. It don't gotta be the main one, long as nobody living got the same one."

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