Monday, November 5, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -FACT Clothing LLC-

FACT Clothing LLC , or stylized as FVCT was founded by Newby Conzallar along with co founders Allegra Tims, Michael Manning Jr, Tantalis Newby & Curtis York who set out on a mission to not just focus on  fashion and advancing within the industry but, to educate as well. "We are very cognizant of the issues of the day and we try to incorporate those in our products. We are all about creating awareness, promoting change in many facets, and overall getting our customers to see the importance of making a difference."

 FACT Clothing is a clothing line that focuses on the creativity and individualism of the young fashion forward consumer. The acronym FACT stands for: Fresh and Cocky Trendsetters. The FACT team wants their consumers to be able embrace their personal style and preferences and not be afraid to showcase their fashion abilitiesWith slogans like "Trill Ain't Cheap" and "It's Okay To Know You're Good" you are being given the feeling that when it comes to your personal style and take on fashion the person you are embracing is yourself. The feeling of living your life knowing that YOU are the one making the statement and starting trends.

Being based out of South Carolina, they also aim to put the state on the map and let people know nationwide and internationally that South Carolina can compete with the fashion capitols of our country and that they are very knowledgeable of fashion concepts, styles, and trends .We can expect much more from the FACT team in 2013, Within the next year they would like to introduce a women’s line and a line of original specialty items. Within the next 2-5 years FACT will be thriving and will be an easily identifiable name (without a doubt).  FACT would like to have several celebrity patrons as well as the FACT Nation being in full effect. 

(Obama styled in MCM,YSL,Givenchy, and Nike Air Mags, something we would not normally see him in.)

Keep an eye open for the next line up for FACT Clothing, Season One will be coming up in Quarter 1 of 2013 as well as a scarlet colorway for the Obama garment (pictured above). No matter how large FACT grows, the team will continue to strive to produce quality products, creating lasting relationships with their customers as well as keep the team cohesiveness strong.

"FACT will be a premiere line and recognized brand amongst fashion enthusiasts."

Keeping A Close Eye, UMG Halle' W

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