Monday, October 1, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Frequent Flyers Club-

Based out of Atlanta,GA , Frequent Flyers Club focuses on building a brand that unifies people from all walks of life that share the same common goal, to be successful by any means necessary. I got a chance to speak with marketing advisor, Jamaal Edmonds to let us know a little more about FFC.

"Succeeding in life is one of my top priorities, it's what motivates me everyday to wake up and do what I do. To ensure that my family lives the lifestyle I want them to live I must be successful and that's the number one inspiration." Edmonds founded FFC along with friend Efosa Ogiamien  and brother Jonathan Edmonds. In hopes of becoming a household brand name that produces everything from apparel, travel luggage, home decor and fragrances while still spreading their vision. 

With a continuing buzz and the brand expanding by the minute, FFC has hopes of  getting into the cut and sew of fabrics and be able to produce their own creative articles of clothing outside of the normal t shirts and sweatshirts. They plan to continue to tapping into their current target market and continue to produce quality apparel that represents their life as well as the customer.

From Paris With Love TeeWay Flyer Than You Tee

With a die hard ambition, Edmonds states that as the brand grows, they would like to "Keep the competitive edge that allows us to be better than our competitors by sticking to our mission statement and providing our market with timeless fashion."

You can look forward to the next line up from FFC in Winter of 2013, but they are currently working on "The Remain Parfait" collection. Make sure to check out the official website & purchase FFC clothing

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