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13 Do's & Don'ts for Indie Artists & Labels With Small Biz Diamonds

Yes, there is a correct & more efficient way to network & communicate on twitter. For some business & social interaction comes naturally, but for those who could use some polishing I encourage you to peruse this article by Ashley Neal of Small Biz Diamonds. She interviews Ife Ekpenuma, CEO of Audeacous Entertainment Group. I've seen him consistently support other's endeavors and engage interactions between others. Which is how this article came to fruition. Now this article was originally written with independent artists in mind, however any entrepreneur or individual can find success when applying these guidelines. Twitter and blogging are what you would call new media and social networking, however the same etiquette from traditional outlets still applies. Enjoy this good read!

1) DO come up with a twitter handle that incorporates your company and/or artist name succinctly. Make sure that it is not too over the top, too long, or of an explicit nature. Your twitter handle should be able to catch someone’s attention, draw positive attention to your brand, and be easy to remember. (My twitter handle is @ThatGoToGuy, memorable, to the point, and effective).
DO NOT come up with a twitter handle that can possibly isolate or narrows your reach on twitter. Stay away from a twitter handle that includes expletives or has sexual connotations. (There are too many examples of this).

2) DO identify your WARM market. Your WARM market are your friends, colleagues, and people you know will have no problem receiving the information and material that if you tweet to them. READ people’s twitter bios before asking them what they do, especially when they have CLEARLY outlined what their profession is and who they work with or for. BE OBSERVANT. (I have stressed to my artists to have an ‘online street team’ who will RETWEET or TWEET out your music whether you are online or not).
DO NOT tweet ALL your followers or people you follow with the same generic tweet. Some people will consider this SPAMMING and may not be open to interacting with you again. Realize that everyone on twitter is not on twitter to hear music or view a music video.

3) DO DOUBLE your content. What is meant by DOUBLING? DOUBLING is simply posting what you tweet on Facebook. If there is an article of interest, music file, or music video tweet/retweet it and then also post it to Facebook. Some people decide to interwine their tweet with their facebook. It all depends on what you want to do. (I usually tweet or retweet music, a video, or an article of interest and then post it to my Facebook profile or post material to my label’s facebook page).
DO NOT tweet/post on Facebook only your material ALL DAY. Your Facebook friends and Twitter Followers may get PROMO-fatigue, meaning that they will start to TUNE YOU OUT. Find more innovative ways to promote your material and spread the word out about what you have coming up. (Build relationships with bloggers and when they post a blog with your material, thank them, post it, and retweet it. Additionally, keep a record of blog features, this is especially useful for artists).

4) DO CONTROL the language of your promotion and label account. If you have a PROMO account use it as such. If you have a twitter account for your record label, be sure that tweets are as business-like as possible and also reflect the nature and spirit of the company. Having a Facebook page for your label is strongly suggested so you can keep up with the people who actually follow what your company is doing because everyone on Facebook is not on Twitter and vice versa.
DO NOT tweet or post intimate details about business ideas that you have or extremely personal matters. All too often people use Twitter as their ‘stream of consciousness’ and maybe in actuality hurting their brand(s) and warding off clientele. (If you feel the need to tweet personal matter, have a PERSONAL twitter that is not affiliated with your brand or business. Therefore, you can be yourself and separate personal and business).

To read the rest of Ashley Neal's  article with Ife, click here

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