Thursday, August 16, 2012

#HBCUMixtape Artist Profile -Terrance "Loudmouth" Williams-

Terrance 'Loudmouth' Williams

20 yr old Silver Spring, MD native/ Morgan State University Junior

"Music is sort of like breathing for me INVOLUNTARY! I wrote my first song in Pre-K when I was like 4....and since then, I just never stopped. My musical appetite consists of all genres, but for me Urban Music is where I found an identity. I want people to enjoy my lyrics as much as they enjoy the beat or my voice. I want people to hear my music, and then say 'How does this guy know my entire life story?!' That's the best kind of effect music can have on a person." --Terrance 'Loudmouth' Williams
The Superhero Song - Terrence Williams f/ MP3ey & Brian Eatman

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