Monday, July 16, 2012

Website Necessities

For any developing entrepreneur, artist, or growing business being social savvy and accessible is a necessity. Even if it isn't a website with your own domain name, whether it be a blog or Facebook page, there are a few essentials that every website needs.
There are also a few things that may be cluttering your site.
When trying to attract traffic on to your site you must master the balance of not too much white space, but not too much imaging & wording as well. 
Below are just a few suggestions on how to effectively display all of the essential information you need on your website, as well as ways to avoid turning it into an eye sore.
Must Haves:

  1. Background Information/ History
    1. Whatever your website may be about, & whatever you are trying to pitch, it is important to elaborate on your journey. One way to attract an audience, consumers, or fan base is to have a story people can relate to. People are intrigued by how you manifested your one ideal into a business venture. So be sure to include that
  2. Contact Information
    1. One swift way to lose press opportunities is a lack of contact information. At times if reliable contact information is to difficult to reach you can miss out on networking and/or press opportunities. Be sure to include what social networks you are on, & if you are in more than one location, where all of your sites are. If you would prefer not to give out your direct contact information, display a contact form so that people are able to reach you, but that information remains private.
  3. Imaging
    1. Before anyone becomes a loyal customer or fan, they are drawn to an image. Be sure to showcase a satisfactory, but not an over-saturated amount of images of your product or idea. If it is music or literature, be sure to have articulate cover art that elaborates the ideas you are trying to convey
  4. Copyright/Licensing  
    1. Are you copyrighted or licensed already, even though you are still well on your way? In order to avoid any legal or copyright infringements, & to avoid others from stealing your work, be sure to include that on your website. Especially if you are selling a product or showcasing music or literature. 
  5. Virtual Press Kits
    1. One way to skip through several anxious sweaty palmed interviews & to prove that you are skilled enough for whatever profession you are working towards is to have a virtual resume on your site. This way, you avoid having to go through sending a copy via email or stumbling through your talents and stellar characteristics by phone. 
    2. In the virtual resume include your best work, some of the exceptional individuals you have  worked for or collaborated with, & your skills. Spiffy up your virtual resume with a few photos that elaborate your endeavors, talents, & skills even further. 
  6. For Artists/Designers: Lookbooks/Portfolios
    1. Be sure to include a lookbook or portfolio of your previous & current work. For some possible customers, before window shopping your products they prefer browsing it all without looking at the price tag. It is also beneficial to include lookbooks & portfolios for when possible employers are overlooking your work & want to see a broad scope of it.
  7. Musicians/Videographers/Entertainers: A Highlight Reel
    1. For the many who aspire to be in the business of being behind or in front of a camera, it is imperative to showcase how efficient you are. If you are a musician, include a highlight reel of your best performances. Videographers, include your best projects. Entertainers(televising hosts,radio personalities, etc), include the shows that highlighted your charming attributes best. When it pertains to the world of media and entertainment, words and images can only convey so much. Show and prove.

A Few More Helpful Tips:

  1. If you come along something on a website that you would like to post on your blog/website, simply put it in to your own words and put your own spin to it. We all know that plagiarism is something very serious and who would want to be sued over something that isn't taken lightly these days.
  2. One must not overload your website with posts, pictures, links, and cool little gadgets. In order to keep a good amount of traffic, you not only have to keep up with the content, you must also keep up with the appearance and maintenance
  3. Make sure to add some excitement to the layout/user interface. You cannot just throw a plain color background and add content and call it a website. Put some thought into your website design, think of it as if you were visiting the site. You HAVE to keep your viewers attention beyond the content.

Hopefully these were helpful to you. Keep in mind different people will view your site in different ways You won't be able to please everyone in appearance, organization, or content. However, be sure that you are conveying your content in the best way possible. Be aware of your target audience so that you are certain to appease them first, & then as you & your endeavors grow, you can branch out & learn how to cater to other audiences as well. 

Keeping A Close Eye -UMG Staff


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