Friday, July 27, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Violinist, Daniel D-

Daniel D

Rhythm, harmonies, the warmest smile, Jazz, R&B, & Hip Hop melodies. Charleston, South Carolina native Daniel Lee Davis better known as Daniel D when he is on stage holding his violin. Since the age of 12 Daniel D has released two studio albums: "Play for Me" & "Serenade". He has serenaded audiences of all sizes, from my small Claflin University, the University of South Carolina, Apollo Theater winner, Kanye West, the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, & many more venues his skill & talent has taken him.

Even though it's hard to imagine, before Daniel D swooned us with his violin, there was the guitar. Like all things made legendary, it takes trial & error. The violin was something to get a grasp for. Daniel D admits to initially having a disdain for his instrument. Now that he has become a violin virtuoso, the violin is what he puts his time into.
Despite accumulating quite a resume for himself as a performer he never puts one above another, "I really don't have a favorite one, I perform for a few just as I do for a thousand. 
Although there is one artist that he aspires to perform alongside with, the iconic Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder Tribute

As a student at Winthrop University as well as pursuing a thus far successful music career, in order to organize time for both he makes sure there is an even balance between the two. Outside of music, Daniel D enjoys going to the beach, jogging, and  simple relaxation. 
2010 Hip Hop mix

One of Daniel D's videos I'm sure you've seen is his 2010 Hip Hop mix which has been featured on countless blogs and websites, & was featured as World Star Hip Hop's talent of the week at the time acquiring almost 200 thousand views, and nearly 90 thousand views on YouTube. 
Although he has many flawless covers for artists from a variety of genres, he does not have a favorite. However, his favorite original composition is Serenade from the album Serenade
Performing Billy Jean at 2010 Charleston,SC "Electrify Your Strings" Concert

A memorable remark that every audience that has the pleasure of experiencing Daniel D perform expresses is that he is one with his instrument. 
He is currently promoting his new project Epic Sounds on Kickstarter he is hoping to release in the fall. Please watch the video below & support.
Kickstarter Album Promotion

Daniel D hopes to one day see his song on the Indie Charts. He is working on branding himself more & steadfast in continuing his education.

Connect with Daniel D.

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