Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Urbane Finds -LifE KiT Lifestyle Co.

The LifE KiT Lifestyle Co.

Love, Energy, Knowledge, Time. This is the foundation that the founders Austin Henley, Pierre Davis, & DeAndres Royal used to manifest the LifE KiT Lifestyle Co. in 2009. As they laid their foundation, they researched, reflected, & discovered that with the application of these principles in our daily lives, we can become more unified, & socially progressive society. Initially, LifE KiT  was a blog where they elaborated on the values of their brand through thought provoking imagery & commentary. As the awareness for the brand grew, it lead to the launch of their e-commerce/online store in January of 2011. The company has experienced significant growth since its inception, and now specialize in manufacturing, distributing, & advertising of apparel & accessories that coincide with the brands core values. 

The Stay Humble Campaign
Established from a collective core belief of the three founding partners, The Stay Humble Campaign is designed to encourage and promote sustainable living, social awareness, & giving to the less fortunate. The campaign works to initiate conversations that lead to social change by partnering with organizations on the front lines of addressing social issues.

Ladies Only: Birds of a FeatherThe Love Kit 2.0 - LadiesStay Anchored Tee

Love 2.0 

Birds of a Feather

 The brand hopes to bring the right people on board to continue running operations smoothly in order to continue growing rapidly. With the aim to become a leading lifestyle company with social impact, you can be sure that LifE KiT Lifestyle Co. will become one of the voices of our generation.

Be on the lookout for LifE KiT's upcoming "The Knowledge Quarter" release which will include all their latest in accessories & apparel. "Understand that the journey is destination. Desire and effort are the true measures of success."

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