Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Urbane Finds -Lola Shoetique-

Lola Shoetique

Everyone wants that pump that is the envy of all pumps. Shoes that brings your attire to life. Well look no further than Lola Shoetique. With four locations based out of Los Angeles, California in Santee Valley, it has every kind of shoe a woman will swoon over. From simple & fierce, to extravagant, to printed and fabulous. 
They offer flats, wedges, pumps, ankle booties, strapped heels, heels that you've dreamed of, & heels that you've daydreamed of.
Their website is currently under construction. However, to accommodate customers they have offered this alternative:
Concerned about validity? No worries, I gladly did the research for you to be sure this is a legit retail service. So browse through your future shoes with no hesitation. 
For pricing information see their instagram or tumblr account contact Lola Shoetique at (213) 741-1131 or
Did you just have a shoe-gasm like I did when I found this?

Connect with Lola Shoetique

instagram: lolashoetique

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