Monday, July 23, 2012

Uplifting the Underdogs: Media focused on Independent Artists

Have your eyes gotten tired from constantly tweeting or linking your music to any random person you do or don't know on Twitter and Facebook? Been pitching to the wrong media outlets & the lack of response becoming all too familiar? Have you been searching for mediums that cater specifically to new  dedicated independent artists? Well not only have you found one, but one that will connect you with many others. Here at Urbane we feel it is imperative to utilize your resources. Therefore we have compiled a list of blogs, websites, and twitter pages that cater to independent artists. Tell them UrbaneM&MG sent you!

Founded in 2010 by Claflin University student, India Hill. Inspired by her journalistic background, in order satiate her passion for writing and provide an articulate voice for her opinions The ReddLipstick Blog was manifested. Covering fashion, music, entertainment, and societal issues, India Hill is a blogging phenom. She has interviewed Jhene Aiko before she was signed, featured new clothing lines such as G. B. Huffington,  Ignorance Driven Knits, and has a fierce article on why fellow Mass Communications majors deserve our respect in the work force. 

Pittsburgh born and bred, 18 year old Sean Gaven. The Daily Dose is an up and coming twitter page geared towards showcasing new and independent music. As an artist himself, Gaven is hoping the dosage gets bigger and bigger each day. You can check out his song We So Chill here.

The KNOWname Blog founded by  Kashawn Archer in 2011. A News & Music contributor for and a staff writer for The KNOWname Blog is founded "Discovering the unknown and bringing you news worthy of knowing." Archer has previously featured Angel Haze and was a feature writer for interviewing MTV's Chelsea Settles

Initiated in January 1, 2012 by Taylor Maglin and Jake Stotz, their goal was simple: discover, enjoy, and share the best that Rap & Hip Hop music had to offer.

Atlanta Indie Fest

Approaching its 5th year. The Atlanta Indie Fest is a 2-day event held at Terminal West. This year the dates are August 18th-19th. In the four years they have been established they have created a platform for independent artists. Have the artists such as Yelawolf, B.O.B., Big Sean,Donnis, FKI, & over a hundred on the rise musicians on their stage. You can vote for this year's participants here

Hate how you have to be best friends or pay off a DJ just for half your record to be played in some hole in the wall club? I'm not an artist but I assume that's frustrating. To remedy that, Donnie Mason aka DJ DMV the Don. Not only offering to spin independent artists' records, but when creating a profile on his website it provides a networking site for independent clothing lines, musicians, and beat makers. features artist,djs,mixtapes,albums and music videos all in one. The online magazine also does a good bit of reviews. One of the neat features on the site is the "Top 20's" section which includes charts for Hip Hop, Rap, R&B/Pop, Independent, and Mixtapes & Albums. You are also given a opportunity to download some of the music that's featured and if it is not available for download you may use the live stream feature.

Indy tapes is your one stop shop for independent artist tapes from all over. Indy is a branch of LiveMixtapes one of the top sites for all mixtape downloads.

Its first annual event August 7th, 2012 at the Museum Bar in Atlanta, Georgia, The Indie Draft picks independent artists for its showcase based off their following not their cash flow or who they know. Not only are they giving a stage to independent artists, but independent bloggers, and clothing lines will be represented at the event as well. To see what artists were drafted go to

Though there are several websites out there that allow artists to upload there music Unsigned allows fans to participate as well. With a free artist registration along with free fan registration it not only allows independent artists to share there music and network with fellow artists, but fans to communicate with the artists as well. With 50 genres any artist that registers will be able to find an abundance of fans.

We know there are probably more sites out there, so if you know any email us at and we will be happy to update our list. For clothing lines and entrepreneurs, don't worry your lists are coming. Know that we support you & strive to find others that will as well. Any endeavor that is founded by passion and a steadfast work ethic is newsworthy and we will find the media outlets specifically for you.

Keeping A Close Eye -UMG Staff


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