Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Kevin Hadden

Kevin Hadden Online Vintage Boutique

I have to thank my twin sister Lawnna for bringing this amazing online haven to my attention the beginning of spring semester. I have an affinity for vintage fashion and I have been a fan of this online boutique for a while now. Kevin Hadden was founded by its namesake Kevin Hadden and partner Erick Perjuste in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2011. It offers unique and one of a kind clothing and accessories that will bring about one repetitive question everywhere you go: "Where did you get that?! I have to know!" 

With this generation's ideas and concepts of fashion, it is imperative to be seen as unique as an individual, but at the same time presentable. The men behind Kevin Hadden live by the mantra "dress how you want to be addressed". It is capable to not only be a sought out individual for your character and moral fiber, but have the clothing that reflects that persona. 
It is their mission to encourage and inspire the youth. They are products of inner city Florida, and want to dispel the misconception that inner city youth are incapable of reaching higher altitudes of excellence.
First and foremost Kevin Hadden and his supporters want to make the statement, "We're no fluke". Often times people can't handle the elevation of success and refuse to accept the progression of others and they want to clarify they are by no means slowing down and plan to make a statement in fashion. 
They eventually hope to become buyers for larger brands or in-home stylists and consultants for a record label.
One thing that is of the utmost importance is making sure to keep the boutique accessible. Many boutiques and shops are hard to access and get in contact with in order to keep it 'exclusive'. Even though that is effective at making a few people feel special, it is imperative to remember before you were exclusive you were supported by 'the people', and Kevin Hadden consistently keeps that in mind. Their number one objective is putting consumers' interests first; interacting with customers via twitter, posting happy customers and their purchases on their blog, instagram, and facebook page, and making it aware what is going on with the site at all times.
They will have the opportunity to participate in various collegiate homecoming fashion shows over this year, but this fall they are preparing for their very own. They are also preparing their men's clothing and sneaker line for fall 2012. 
Kevin Hadden's take on vintage fashion is that he loves bold colors, stripes, acid wash, and royal nautical prints. "Vintage is my favorite trend because it's timeless & will always remain relevant".

I can attest to the quality customer service, shipping time, products, and sincere character of Kevin Hadden. Below are a few products that I have purchased over time. Even a few that have encouraged my Grandmother to surf the site.

Connect with Kevin Hadden

Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Latrice S.


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