Sunday, June 3, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Ignorance Driven Knits-

Featured is Founder/ CEO of Ignorance Driven Knits Jordan Coburn. A graduate of Claflin University Coburn states it “Counteracts all of the ignorance in the world” and it gives that message with style. Phrases like “Man Up, Success is A Daily Routine and Wake Up,” give us the message that IDK uses to reach today’s urban society. IDK is continuing to receive more fans of the clothing line daily. The designs by Coburn are becoming quite popular. 

Curious about “The Day & Life Of IDK” ? . Interested in purchasing IDK Clothing? Check them out here  and make sure to follow on twitter @idk_Clothing  ! 

Keeping A Close Eye -UMG Halle' W.


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