Monday, June 11, 2012

Eyes Closed, Ears Open - Kooley High-

Kooley High- Regular S***

While surfing the DJ Booth site for some new music, I came across this video for Kooley High's newest song "Regular S***" which is off of their latest album "David Thompson" but, this isn't my first time coming across these lyrical few. Made up of six former NC State students, three emcees Charlie Smarts, Tab-One (on twitter strike), and Rapsody but, they also have two producers Foolery, The Sinopsis, and what would they be without a DJ, Ill Digitz. They rep hard for their state of North Carolina, the city of Raleigh to be exact and have great following from the Carolinas/East Coast! The group has six albums under their belt (including their individual albums) , a few mixtapes, as well as a couple features here and there. They've also been able to perform along with a couple of notable people like J.Cole, Wale, Pac Div, 9th Wonder, & Chuck Brown but, that's only to name a few. Not only a group, they are all individual artist in their own way but always come together to make music. You can definitely say they have a lot of experience on their resume.

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