Monday, December 16, 2013

Urbane Spotlight -TRAP MMXIII-

TRAP MMXIII Founder Marvin Goodly
On my first encounter of meeting Marvin, I automatically received him as a hard worker, well rounded, determined, and of course fashionable. With something that started as a campaign slogan for the Howard Univeristy freshman board of the College of Arts & Sciences, Mr. Goodly saw an opportunity to spread a message and capitalize off of a brilliant idea. Thus, TRAP MMXIII was born.
With the assistance of friends Nile Oates, Justin Austin and Jacari Boboye, TRAP MMXIII has made a lot of noise in little time. The brand is based out of Washington, DC and makes a bold statement with their logo. Goodly states "We stand behind a lifestyle; an idea that we are the creators of our own success and happiness." 

 Currently the collection consists of the classic TRAP box logo tee as well as the TRAP box logo wind breaker. Being inspired by the American culture ranging from music,art, and photography to modern day fashion, the creators have many more creative ideas on the way and  continue to hold a core principal of promoting individualism and the pursuit of knowledge, Goodly says that no matter if it's through school or pursuing your passion, it is seen as something that is inalienable. With hopes to continue to make clothes that document a journey, the TRAP MMXIII sees this as an artistic & personal journey. As well as having hopes that TRAP can serve as something people can relate to and be inspired by, Goodly wants it to be seen more as just streetwear apparel. You can expect a lookbook soon including a black and white line that is being finalized as well as a Polaroid fashion movement.

'Our mission continues to be to promote the idea of living outside of the box. We want our consumers to re-evaluate reality and question what they are being told in relation to success and individualism. We hope to change the dialogue, ask the stupid questions others aren’t willing to ask. We’re on our own journey for answers, and this line documents that process. Our story isn’t the only one we’re trying to tell' - M. Goodly

Connect with Marvin & the TRAP MMXIII Team

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