Friday, November 1, 2013

Eyes Closed, Ears Open: Benjamin Starr(@Benny_Starr) The SOULoist

Benjamin Starr

 Lately I have been on the prowl for talent in South Carolina. Seeing as I spent half of my life there, it's important to me that I find quality talent and endeavors that I know are trying to climb out of the depths of terrible audio, poor marketing, and lack luster visuals that are usually associated with SC artistry. Well I found it: Benjamin Starr, South Carolina native, and might I add dope ass lyricist. I don't give anyone slack when reviewing their music or content, just like I appreciate honest feedback when people tell me about my work. So honestly, Benny's got chops.

Off his newest project The SOULoist, are eight tracks that have well, soul. Including his cover to Wale's 2011 DJ Toomp produced "Legendary" where Benjamin Starr entices the often emotional DMV rapper with the closing bars
I got the Cak’ on my back and no nigga holds me up/ this beat is like SMACK, Wale ain’t do it DOPE enough/ I’m legendary
Along with "Legendary", my favorites off the EP are "Stay" another cover, SOULo, and "Unsung". The SOULoist provides clever lyricism, smooth sampling, those "oooh and ahh" bars that everyone loves, and at the end of the day good ass music. The visuals for "Legendary" are above and the stream for The SOULoist is below for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think!


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