Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Ari' Jo-

Ari' Jo- I Promise

The moment I clicked the play button I was sucked into this music video, I felt as if I were watching a movie. The story line coincides heavily with the lyrics, it almost seems perfect.

Ariel Johnson, better known as Ari'Jo is a native of Cleveland,OH. Being one who has gone through very much in her life; being a product of a single parent home & moving out at the age of 14 to live a life somewhat similar to a nomad. She uses her music to tell her story. It's not possible to hear one of her songs and not be influenced by the lyrics. Currently at age 19, Ari'Jo is continuing to branch out and spread her music to touch the souls of many. She has also been chosen for the Indie Draft. "I Promise" is the premiere video from her upcoming EP, "Euphoria"

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Keeping A Close Eye, UMG Halle' W


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