Friday, June 22, 2012

Urbane Spotlight -Contemporary negro-

Founder of Contemporary negro, Avi "Obvious" McClain is all about representing his roots. He states, "I want to eventually be able to affect the current and younger generations and teach them about the beautiful history and culture we have and not to abandon it over the BS the media is forcing on to them."

Based out of Brooklyn, NY , the Contemporary negro brand came to the light when Avi began a search for certain African American  leather medallions, this gave him a realization of getting back to his roots and he began a journey on informing himself more on his culture by studying, purchasing, and attending events that he says "expressed the movement" and this is what led him to designing.

Avi strongly believes that our younger generations should be learning about our history and where we come from instead of worrying about what the hottest rapper is talking about. He also wants to show them that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and work hard. 

Avi says that he wants to see the brand recognized from the points of its approach and take on dealing with subjects of the past. "I hope to leave my footprint in history as someone who tried to change what the media is currently doing to the current and upcoming generations." The long term goal of Contemporary negro is to be the future one stop place to get stylish cultural items, as well as the CN blog being elevated to be a place of black history, current events, music, and art. Be on the lookout for upcoming projects and collaborations from the Contemporary negro! 

"Never forget the past. As long as the principle stays with the brand, it will never lose focus."

Be apart of the Contemporary negro lifestyle! 

Keeping A Close Eye, UMG Halle' W


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